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After the internet revolution and smart devices, the world is moving towards a new direction. The last decade has marked a significant triumph in the world through technological advancements. The revolutions in the field of technology are still soaring and downhill is not predicted anytime sooner as there are multiple innovations yet to be perceived.The full potential of some of the systems currently in use is to be explored so that it can be integrated with other technologies to create a tremendous difference in the field of science and technology first and subsequently through mass production to the everyday human life. It is expected that in the coming years a technical evolution will take place in common sectors by converging IT with OT which is called an operational technology. In the coming years, automation will be the future. In this scenario, learning and gaining more experience in the field of automation is the only way to thrive. In Kerala, the best way to do the same is by joining IASE, one of the top Automation Training Centres in Kerala. Through the automation training center in Kerala, IASE aims to reduce unemployment. It is a major challenge faced by the youth in India. Regardless of the higher educational qualifications, one may have, it is a hard truth that people fail to find jobs which match their qualifications. But at IASE by receiving IASE certifications after graduation, there will be better avenues to start a career. Once the course is completed, there will be a trade test conducted by STEAD council and the students will receive an Embassy attestable certificate which will be helpful for job hunt abroad. These automation courses do have more opportunities undoubtedly abroad, as there are strict mandatory criteria involved in business operation process in developed countries and the Middle East. Besides, IASE which is the best Automation Training Centre in Kerala offers placements for all the students who have successfully completed the automation courses provided. There are a series of automation courses provided at IASE for a potential student to choose from. Depending upon the aptitude, career interests, past educational qualifications, knowledge, and skills one might have, courses can be selected. There are crash courses and full-time courses available at this top Automation Training Centres in Kerala. If a candidate is interested in the safety and security field, he can choose either a CCTV course or a Fire Alarm course, or both. This will ensure him a good career opportunity. If a person is a telecommunication engineering graduate and wants to improve his skills in the field of data transmission, he can choose a fiber optics course at IASE Automation Training Centre in Kerala. There are also BMS courses, mobile phone, and laptop repair and maintenance courses etc. available for the students to choose from according to their preferences.

Our Courses

mobile phone repair training courses in Trivandrum Kerala
CCTV is the short form of Closed Circuit Television. All over the world, CCTV is extensively used for crime prevention, quality control, productivity improvement, traffic enforcement etc.
CCTV training in Trivandrum Kerala
A fire alarm system is an electronic fire detection system which is designed to protect the lives and property of people from fire and it’s associated disasters.
CCTV training in Trivandrum Kerala
The security and automation related components in today’s modern buildings such as CCTV monitoring, Fire Alarm & fire suppression, Electronic security, HVAC, Access control, Public address system
fire alarm technician course in Trivandrum Kerala
Massive job opportunities for fiber optic technicians in Kerala are coming up as the Government of Kerala has already initiated efforts to tune-up all Keralite’s
fire alarm technician course in Trivandrum Kerala
A mobile phone technician’s job is to service, repair, and update the software in mobile phones. Smartphone service training is a large and growing area where its growth graph has been steadily rising globally.
Building Management System Course in Trivandrum Kerala
At IASE the leading laptop training institute in Kerala, we also repair all brands of laptops and notebooks. We repair all types of basic as well as complex faults of laptops like water damage

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