• The Importance of Safety Helmets In Workplace

    Safety helmets are one of the most regularly used Personal Protective Equipment. The safety helmets have become an essential safety requirement for worksites all over the world, which are used to protect the user’s head against fatal head injuries. As a part of protective measurements, there are different scenarios where people must wear safety helmets. Safety helmets are important in industry sectors which include construction, power, mining, and forestry where there is a risk of physical injury, particularly to the head. Risk in these types of workplaces is ever-present and employees should protect themselves by using proper Personal Protective Equipment.



    importance of safety helmets at work


    Risk can’t always be eliminated, especially from falling objects, which makes the use of safety helmets an important in ensuring the safety of workers. Any head protection should be in good condition and thrown away if damaged. It should fit the user and should be worn properly. In general protective helmets should absorb the shock of a blast, hold penetrations by objects, and should be resistant to water, heat, and electricity. 


    The industrial safety helmet is the most common and basic form of PPE Equipment. Industrial safety helmets consist of shell, harness, and headband. In sectors such as mining and construction, High-performance industrial safety helmets are used where there is a high risk of head injuries. They provide an increased level of protection to head, regarding shock absorption and sharp object impact.   


    Clearly different job functions and responsibilities in an organization are typically indicated by safety helmet color codes. It provides easy recognition. Helmets are used not only to protect or prevent head injuries but can also be used to identify the worker by its color. Someone with inappropriate responsibility in a prohibited area can be identified clearly. The colour code standard for safety helmets would be different in various countries.  


    Colour codes of safety helmets


    A company could identify the code of safety helmets by just looking at the nature of the works.


    White colour usually used in the work site by Managers and  Engineers.


    Green colour  –  Responsible for health safety and the environment. Trainees also wear a green helmet.


    Yellow colour –  Indicate general labors and machine operators at sites.


    Blue colour –  Usually worn by technicians, supervisors, electricians, and foreman at the worksite.


    Red colour  –  used by firefighters.


    Brown colour  –  Helmets used by welders.


    Grey colour  –  For site visitors.


    Orange colour  – used by workers in the road construction sector.


    Benefits of Safety helmets


    Safety helmets not only helps you to improve safety in the workplace but also helps in identifying a person and his responsibility at a worksite. Employees working in areas where there is a potential risk of head injury from impact or from falling and flying objects shall be protected by safety helmets. In certain situations, safety helmets will be used together with other PPE. Most important of all safety helmets should be purchased from a reputable supplier. Name or logo of the manufacturer, European standard number, Manufacturing year, type of helmet, and Size are the minimum information that should be included in the helmets. 


    All safety helmets should come with instructions on how to use it properly. It’s necessary that the user should read the safety instructions on safety helmets before using it. It’s the responsibility of employers, to ensure that everyone in the organization is using proper Personal Protective Equipment to improve workplace safety and for the protection of organizations’ greatest assets.    

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