• Top 10 Safety Rules in the Workplace

    Not only physical safety but also mental safety plays a significant role in the safety of workplaces. Workshop safety means human protection from the risk of harm or injury and protecting machines and tools in the workshop from damage.  The main aim of good health and safety management is to make sure that people’s safety is not put at risk and that their health is protected.  




    General safety rules  


    Be sure of your job and make sure you know how to perform it safely in the workplace. Without having proper knowledge don’t try to do certain jobs or operate machines which will result in injuries or accidents. Potentially risk involved works in workshops shall only be carried out under the supervision of a workshop supervisor.


    1. Understand the risks and hazards –  Protect yourself and always know the emergency action plan of your worksite. Know what the warning signals and where to go in the case of an emergency or a hazard.
    2. Report Errors – All errors, injuries, incidents, and illness immediately to your concerned people or authority.
    3. Wear suitable personal protective equipment – This will help to protect you from workplace injuries and accidents. Safety boots must be used in workshops. Safety glasses are required to protect your eyes in job sites.  
    4. Keep your workplace clean and tidy – Store tools, equipment, and supplies should be kept properly when not in use. Clean your place after the completion of work.
    5. Exercise proper lifting techniques – Don’t try to work unless you are properly trained.
    6. Obey all warning signals and barricades – Working under unsafe conditions is very dangerous.
    7. Report any unsafe tools – Report equipment or any hazardous condition to the concerned supervisor.
    8. Inspect all equipment – Inspect scaffolds, ladders, lift, or safety guards before using it. Remove from service if found defective.
    9. Don’t work alone – Never work alone in a workshop.
    10. Be an abstainer – Stay away from alcohol


    In case of an accident, fire, natural disaster, or other emergencies, employers should develop detailed evacuation plans that provide guidance to the workers. 


    Basic safety rules for hand tools


    Tool safety refers to the safety precautions that should be followed while operating or using hand tools or power tools. This will help in minimizing workplace injuries and accidents while at work. Only use the tools that you have been trained to use. That minimizes your risk on the job site.


    Safety precautions


    • Don’t try to operate a tool without proper knowledge. 


    • Make sure that the test tag is current, before using an electrical tool.


    • Frequently ensure the proper working of construction tools. 


    • Check whether all power tools and guards are in good condition before using it. If a cord is damaged don’t use it,  report immediately to the authorized person. 


    • When you are finished with the tool, turn it off at the power switch to prevent injuries. 


    • Make sure to use appropriate protective gear and shoes when operating any tool. 


    • Suitable Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses and safety gloves must be used while operating hand tools to protect against hazards. 


    • Wear eye protection during working time. Keep your cutting tools sharp before use and check whether it is in good condition. 


    • Cutting tools should be maintained carefully and kept them clean and dry, and store them properly after use. 


    • Maintain a good balance and keep good footing when operating power tools. 


    • Don’t use damaged portable electrical tools.


    • Avoid using operating tools with oily hands.


    This list compiles the top general safety and tool safety rules in the workplace. Proper training in safety management courses will ensure a hazard-free workplace. Tool Safety is just one way to help you to stay safe on the job.  Enforce safe work practices in the employment space through stringent safety rules.

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