• Top 10 tips for freshers to get a job

    The top 10 tips for freshers to get a job 


    Now that you’ve graduated, you’re probably looking for a new job as a fresher. You will eventually find a new job, but it may not be a high-paying job or the one you wish. Finding a new job, unless you are one of the fortunate few who find jobs in a high-demand career, can be a difficult task. So, here you will get the top 10 tips for freshers to get a job.


    Being a fresher, finding a suitable job is difficult. Building a CV or preparing for an interview are things that one does not know. Companies are continuously on the lookout for candidates who have a strong academic background and are enthusiastic about their work.


    So, here we’re going to give you the top 10 tips for freshers to get a job!!


    1. Build a strong resume


    It is important for a fresher to create a strong resume that emphasizes accomplishments. Although a fresher cannot have prior experience, one can always add accomplishments from college. Education, volunteering, community and team experience, conference attendance, skills, talents, and strong personal qualities are all things you can include on your resume.


    Here are some tips for the fresher to assist you to make your resume stand out among the competition — The chronological, functional, and combination resume formats are the three types of resumes.


    What are the various types of resumes?

    • Chronological Resume: This is a reverse-order listing of all of your job history. It’s best if you start with your most recent work and work your way backward from there.
    • Functional Resume: In this, you should concentrate on your strengths that are advantageous to the employers. As a fresher, we recommend that you use this format for your resume.
    • Combination Resume: This resume format combines the strengths of both chronological and functional resumes.


    2. How can freshers apply for the internship?


    Freshers can always take up an internship once they have graduated. Internships are available in various professions to assist newbies to get experience. It assists freshers in determining where they best fit in.


    Applying for an internship needs patience and dedication. The strategy’s purpose is to find ways to set yourself apart from the other applicants for the internship you want. An internship can put you apart from the thousands of other applicants who have applied for the same job, and it can be the key to success when applying for a job. Additionally, if your work is appreciated, you may be employed as an employee while interning.


    3. Take up some short-term certification programs


    Certifications assist you in demonstrating your worth to a potential employer. You will not only learn something new, but you will also gain an advantage over your competitors. It is designed to assist them in moving from a specific academic area to their desired career. Certification courses provide various advantages, including increased professional reputation, expanded knowledge and abilities, and preparation for job responsibilities. It serves as evidence of ability. Enhances peer repute, improves professional chances, and so on.


    If you are a fresh engineer seeking for a certification course in the automation industry, you can enroll for the following industrial courses BMS, PLC & SCADA, BIM, CCTV, Fire alarm, fiber optics,  lift engineer, fire and safety. H.V.A.C, Fire protection, MEP, CAD, REVIT, QA & QC, industrial automation, robotics, and so on are only a few examples. You may get these industrial training from IASE, one of the best training institutes in India.


    4. Give something new a try


    Following your dreams is one of the most common pieces of job advice. However, this isn’t always the case. People may develop new passions in addition to pre-existing ones. It is worthwhile to try something that provides a positive experience. There’s nothing wrong with attempting a job that isn’t one’s dream job. Because attempting something new can assist you in learning a great deal.


    Even if you are not a fresh engineer or from the automation industry, you can still enrol in the above industrial training courses. Because these certification courses have a wide range of scope in future, not only in India but also abroad. And getting trained from IASE which is one of the best automation training institutes in India can add value to your resume.


    5. Apply to online job finding portals.


    Now that your profile has been properly maintained and updated, it’s time to put it into action. There are a variety of job search websites available online. They play an important role in bringing together promising prospects and hiring companies. However, your ability to pass the interview and obtain the desired job depends entirely on your qualifications, education, and skills.


    Some companies may be looking for freshers as trainees, and if your performance meets their expectations after a set period, they may hire you. Some people may be on the lookout for new ideas that may help them increase their productivity. So submit your resume to various reputable Job Portals like www.indianbrainz.com. It is an excellent job portal that allows individuals to upload their resumes for free.


    6. Make the most of your networking skills


    It is essential to have an online network in the age of the internet and social media. While professional networking sites and social networking platforms also have specialized groups and pages where you can meet individuals for professional prospects. Employee referrals are given more weight in organizations than you may assume. Employees are frequently rewarded for referring others. So don’t be afraid to contact a friend or a friend’s friend, because you might be presenting them with an unexpected bonus.


    7. Research your employer


    Once you’ve decided what you want, find out what the companies you’re applying to are looking for. Investigating the firm is a terrific idea for obtaining a new job. It will assist you in getting a sense of their corporate culture, determining what questions they commonly ask in interviews, and even determining what salary you will be paid.


    As a fresher, showing a keen interest in the company and a desire to prove your worth are surefire methods to impress the boss. Customizing your resume for specific roles/companies that you apply for also helps.


    8.  Align your skills with the company goals


    Your skillset has already been listed in your resume, and the interviewer has already seen it. Instead of repeating that throughout your interview, describe how your skills may be put to work to make a difference. Any accomplishments that are relevant to your position should be highlighted. You can show how you can contribute value to your potential employer by citing examples of projects, assignments, or voluntary work where you have provided actual results.


    9. Knowing your worth vs. negotiating your salary


    One of the most exciting aspects of beginning your professional career is earning your own money. While most organizations have a set starting salary range for freshers, some may be willing to negotiate a little. However, before you consider negotiating, you must first understand the industry range for your position. Professionals sites can help you compare salaries for newer opportunities in your industry.


    10. Go confident and ace it!


    So, now that you’ve been shortlisted, be sure to make a good first impression. In the industry, your attitude, your dressing sense, and your attitude all play a vital role. Dress to impress, smile, and most importantly, be confident!


    I hope you found the “top 10 tips for freshers to get a job” beneficial.


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