• The Role of High-Visibility Clothing in the Workplace

    High visibility safety apparel is clothing used to improve the visibility or presence of a worker while at duty in workplaces. Mainly in low light areas and in dark conditions it is most often worn to alert drivers and other vehicle operators of a worker’s presence. In workplaces like construction sites and those who work in areas where there are moving vehicles or objects, there are definite chances of hazards that have the capacity to cause significant injuries, unlike working in an office where hazards are minimal. High vis jackets are highly inevitable in workplaces with greater chances of hazards. 



    High-Visibility Clothing in industries


    To ensure the worker’s safety, proper safety measures are needed to be strictly followed in these workplaces. In addition to providing workers with proper mock drills, workers in high-risk areas should be given the proper high- visibility apparel to make sure that they are as visible as possible. High visibility clothing is designed for the visibility of construction workers, traffic directors, police officers, and anyone who works in an industry where they are at risk of being injured by motor vehicles when at work.


    High vis jacket or High visibility clothing is made of brightly coloured fabrics and strips of retro-reflective materials that make the people who wear them more visible to our naked eye. The high vis safety jacket not only makes it easier for a motorist to see at night but also makes the workers more visible in the day time as well as in inclement weather conditions.


    People who work in an industry in which they are in close contact with traffic are far more likely to be involved in an accident while they are on work than those who work indoors. In these workspaces, high visibility clothing will significantly reduce accidents and fatalities and improves the overall safety of workers. Other than employees, site visitors are also required to wear high-visibility clothing such as reflective over jackets or waistcoats to maintain visibility and safety. The high vis head wearer is also used to increase visibility in certain conditions where a part or full body of a wearer is obstructed by certain objects.


    Incidents of death can be reduced by this clothing even though proper safety precautions and training may be provided for the workers but still, there is an increased chance of accidents that could occur in these workplaces. 


    Types of high-visibility clothes


    There are two colours high-visibility clothes.


    • Fluorescent green – For executive grade staff like supervisors, site engineers, and project managers 
    • Fluorescent orange – For general labours. 


    Other choices of high visibility colours such as lime green or Day-Glo yellow are also available. Worker visibility is ensured by high colour contrast clothing in work surroundings against which it is seen. 


    Retro-reflective strips are mandatory that are used in certain conditions and are also an extra visibility feature on some type of clothing. In summer season lightweight mesh type safety wears are preferred while thicker and heavier hi-visibility clothing with thermal insulation is suitable for winter conditions.


    The Use of High Visibility Clothing in Organizations


    Employers from every institution are required to provide adequate and serviceable high visibility clothing to employees who are exposed to certain risks. In addition to the safety advantages, Sometimes high visibility clothing helps to identify the staff and authorized personnel in any given location especially in areas where access is denied or restricted for safety or security reasons. It also builds up a team spirit in employees and increases the identity of a company.


    Different classes and standards of high-visibility clothing are


    • High visibility clothing class 1
    • High visibility clothing class 2
    • High visibility clothing class 3
    • High visibility clothing class E


    Wearing high-vis jackets or high visibility safety apparel is considered as the last line of defense against accidents at workplaces. Hope this article clarifies your doubt regarding the role of high visibility clothing in workspaces. High vis safety jackets come in a broad range of styles. You just choose the one that suits your weather condition and ensure the safety of your employees. 





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