• The Importance of Fire Blankets in Residences and Workplaces

    A fire blanket is a special type of flame-resistant device specifically designed to extinguish or protect from the fire. This is used to wrap the person to avoid harm from the fire. It consists of two layers of woolen glass fiber material and a sheet of a fire retardant material that is placed over a small fire in order to smother it. Small fire blankets are made of fiberglass, such as for uses in kitchens and around the home where a small fire could happen.


    importance of fire blankets in residences


    It is most effective when fire blankets are used along with fire extinguishers in case of bursting fire. This disrupts the fire to contact with the oxygen, which helps to spread the fire. It could be useful for up to 900-degree temperature.


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    Many people feel safe among their homes, however, are you actually ready for disaster to strike? Have you ever come across an emergency fire attack that may be small or large at home? Then It is more recommended to keep a fire blanket in your home because it is very user friendly. Fire blankets are cheap of cost, reliable, and easy to use immediately in small fire emergency situations compared to other modern fire extinguishers.


    Fire blankets are available in small and large, Generally, large fire blankets are used in the in Laboratories and Industries. Even though it is large, it is easy to wrap around a person it the person’s clothes catch fire. This can be pulled out easily as it is mounted on a quick-release container. Removing the blanket from the bag and cover the fire with a fire blanket, which will help to reduce the oxygen supply and extinguish the fire. 


    The kitchen area is more exposed to fire so, many people store fire extinguishers within the kitchen, which contain water within the foam. But they are not always best to use within the kitchen because most often in kitchen fire are caused by grease fire or an electrical fire so by applying water will cause severe damage. You should always use a fire blanket when handling grease or electric fires. 


    Main Advantages of Fire Blankets


    • Can extinguish flames at early stages
    • Serves as a protective shield during a fire escape
    • Has an unlimited warranty, no expiration date
    • Requires no maintenance
    • Reusable
    • Multipurpose use
    • Mess-free
    • Easy to use



    Where To Use  Fire blankets



    • Hotel rooms
    • Commercial kitchens 
    • Residential kitchens
    • Bedrooms
    • Garages
    • Chemical plants
    • Refineries  
    • Hospitals
    • Nurseries


    Fire Blankets are simple protective equipment used to prevent small fire in day to day life but also are powerful and effective fire fighting equipment. Fire and Safety Courses will provide more guidance to students about fire safety measures and fire fighting equipment that should be used when in an emergency fire disaster.  

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