Solar Power Installation Training Course

solar power installation training course


The solar power installation training course offered by the Institute of Advanced Studies in Engineering (IASE), the best solar power system installation training institute in Kerala, helps you start a new career or start/expand your own business. The institute offers a short-term job-oriented course and provides those that successfully complete the programme with a certificate that helps you get employed in a company in this industry that does not only pay well but also promises a rewarding career.


Right now there is a boom in the solar energy industry and it is likely to continue in its growth path for many more years or even a couple of decades. This is because governments around the world are promoting the advancement of this alternate energy generation option in view of the concerns related to depletion of fossil fuels. The amount of solar power generated and linked to the grid has increased multifold ever since 2009. This has led to the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs. You can benefit from the boom in this industry by registering for IASE’s solar energy technology training course today!


IASE’s Solar Power System Installation Course Overview


Anyone who has passed the SSLC, Plus 2, ITI , VHSC, diploma or B. Tech in engineering in any stream can enroll in the solar energy course. What you get to learn through this skill development programme include the following:


  • Design a grid-tie photovoltaic system on your own for homes or offices
  • A clear understanding of the chemistry behind solar cells, solar modules (monocrystalline and polycrystalline), optimizers or DC to DC converters, inverters, junction boxes, and, solar meters
  • Calculation of the size of the solar array
  • Selection of the right components for a solar power system
  • Determination of the peak sun hours for all locations
  • Find out whether a property’s azimuth and the roof pitch are good for the installation of a solar power system
  • Determination of the optimum location for the solar panel
  • Calculation of efficiency reduction due to azimuth, roof pitch, and equipment
  • Wiring fundamentals, power concepts and units, applications of solar energy systems, off-grid vs. grid-tie systems, and working of a photovoltaic system


IASE’s solar power generator installation course does not only help you become a skilled installer but also trains you in operating and maintaining the systems installed by large organizations.


What is the employment Potential of the Solar Power Industry?


According to reports, the Indian government has an ambitious goal of reaching a solar power generation capacity of 100 gigawatts by 2022. Out of this, 40 gigawatts capacity is expected to be achieved through rooftop installations. Solar power systems installed on rooftops offer significant benefits including a reduction in transmission and distribution losses and savings in energy costs. It also opens up opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. According to estimates, as many as 1,000,000 qualified and skilled solar power systems installation technicians will be needed for the government to achieve its rooftop capacity goals alone. IASE’s solar power system installer training course is designed keeping this aspect in mind. Students with higher technical qualifications will also benefit from attending this course as it will groom them to take up more responsible jobs in the industry.


Globally, the size of the solar power market was $163.70 billion in 2019. At a CAGR of 5.9 percent, the market is expected to grow to $194.75 billion levels by 2027. This means that certified solar energy system installation professionals will benefit from the availability of employment opportunities around the world.


After you complete the course, you can apply for a job with companies in both the public and private sectors that are involved in the design and manufacture of solar power generators or those that provide installation services. Large companies that have created solar power generation fields such as the Cochin International Airport need certified professionals to operate as well as maintain their systems. Some companies outsource the maintenance work to those that specialize in providing the service on a contract basis. There is tremendous scope for self-employment in this industry.


About IASE


IASE is the sister concern of Controls and Schematics which has won several laurels right from its inception in 1997 for delivering excellent and reliable service in the installation of CCTVs, Fire Alarms, Electronic Security Systems, Boom Barriers, and Automatic Gates all over Kerala. As the training division of Controls and Schematics, IASE offers top-notch industry-oriented technical courses to students that want to build high flying careers in areas such as CCTV & Networking, Fire & Safety, Fire Alarms, HVAC, Lift Technology, MEP, Optical Fiber, QA QC, Solar Power, NDT, Mobile Phone Servicing, BMS, Cable Jointing, Switchgear training, and more. Above all, IASE guarantees 100 percent placement assistance and the certificate provided by International accreditation organisations enables you to get employed in companies in India and abroad.

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