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    Work at height usually refers to any type of work where a worker could potentially fall from height and cause injury to themselves. Your safety focuses while working at height is very important to avoid such dramatic fall injuries. While working with a ladder or at a certain height you should be secured with proper Personal Protective Equipment. Causing serious injuries and damages are the main safety concerns while working at height.


    safety tips for work at height

    When a Supervisor orders a worker to work at the height he should take necessary precautions to prevent them from falling and resulting in serious injury and also workers should take necessary precautions to avoid such falling injuries while working in ladders, scaffolding, and lifts. To lower the risk of the workers falling from height employers need to ensure the safety measures before the work. IASE, a leading institution that provides quality Fire and safety job training.


    What employers can do?


    • Employers should ensure that equipment used by workers should be suitable for the job and should be maintained in good condition.


    • Employers need to ensure that workers should be trained to use the working equipment and to carry out the job safety. 


    • Employers want to ensure proper safety classes and precautions to workers before working at height.


    Every work at height should be properly planned and organised. Do not overload the ladders that they are working on and don’t try to reach too far when you are working on a ladder or stepladder. Always place the ladder on a flat surface rather than on fragile upper surfaces. 


    Always ensure that the equipment that you are using for your job is strong and stable. Work at height should be carried out always by competent people with the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job. While conducting a workshop at a certain height we should make sure work is properly planned and is conducted under proper supervision and suitable protective equipment like protective helmets and protective gear are used and thus minimize the risk of falling. When there is a risk of danger, always consider emergency evacuations and rescue procedures.


    Important factors that need utmost care


    • If a worker does not wear proper personal protective equipment it will result in falling, injury, or even death.
    • When work is done under unstable working platforms there is a high risk of falling.
    • When a worker is not properly trained to use safety equipment
    • When workers are not trained properly in the rescue of fall victims there is a huge risk of danger.
    • When scaffoldings used are not properly inspected it will result in collapse and injury to the worker.
    • When equipment used is inadequate or not maintained it will also result in major accidents.
    • When tools or equipment used for work are not secured with lanyards it will result in drop or fall or even kicked off.
    • No netting is used under while a worker works at height.
    • When a worker does not wear a hard hat while in high-risk areas it will result in injury by falling objects.


    Apart from all these factors while working at height wind is one of the most important environmental factors which usually gets stronger the higher up you go. Wind can blow off materials and workers which can result in huge disasters. When at height workers should ensure that they are 100 percent fit otherwise heat stress and dehydration of workers will also cause injuries.




    proper work plan, falls prevention plan, and risk assessment plan is very important while working at height. It is very important to use the Safety Harness System to provide adequate fall protection when there are no other reasonable or practical options. Proper knowledge from reputed institutions like IASE, provide valuable safety training courses to ensure a safe workplace and protect workers from workplace injuries. Even though our goal is always to prevent all workplace incidents,  they do occur but quick action and smart rescue plans are of utmost importance.

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