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    If you are a B. Tech. degree holder and wondering as to what career path you could choose, it is a good idea to consider working as a quality control engineer. Now, if you are a fresher, it is important to have a clear understanding of what the job really entails in order to choose the right path and build a successful career. This means that it pays for fresh engineers to enroll for a QA & QC training course offered by the best QA & QC training institute in India. Though hailed as the best course for B. Tech. engineers, plenty of job opportunities are available for diploma holders and those that have completed technician level courses in India and other countries around the world.


    Quality Assurance & Quality Control


    There are two aspects to quality management – quality assurance and quality control. Quality assurance is defined as a part of the quality management process that is focused on ensuring that the quality requirements of a product or service will be met. Quality control, on the other hand, is focused on fulfilling the quality requirements as per standards. While QA relates to the performance of a service/process or the manufacture of a product, QC is not limited to the inspection alone. QA and QC activities provide confidence to the company management, customers, government agencies, certifiers, regulators, and third parties that all the planned activities have been implemented to ensure the quality of the final product/service.


    QA and QC Job Scenario


    In today’s industrial scenario, engineers are required to be specialized in at least two technical areas. Fresh engineering graduates may not able to meet this requirement and, therefore, miss out on a number of job opportunities. However, undergoing a QA & QC training course would help them bridge the gap, gain relevant knowledge, and become more competent in the field. Moreover, most companies have made it mandatory for aspiring fresh engineers to have specific certifications in the field for them to be considered for employment.


    For building successful careers, it is important that students enroll for a course in a QA & QC training center that provides internationally recognized certificates. This makes it easy for them to get suitable positions in Indian and overseas oil & gas, petrochemical, aircraft, defense, aerospace, marine, automotive, and other companies. This also means that it is possible for those enrolling in the course can seek employment opportunities in companies in Europe, the USA, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


    Further, those who undergo the QA & QC training course may be employed in various industries as Quality Control Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Inspection Engineer, Welding Inspector, Quality Manager, QA/QC Engineer, etc.


    IASE’s QA & QC Training Course Content


    The Institute for Advanced Studies in Engineering, the best QA & QC training institute in Kerala, offers one of the top training courses for engineering degree and diploma holders who want to pursue a career in the field of quality management. The comprehensive certification course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge as regards the quality requirements of various industrial sectors including aeronautics, oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, power plant, automobile, civil construction projects, and heavy fabrication units, among others. The QA & QC course aims at the development of students’ skills in a systematic way and familiarising them with international standards.


    IASE’s QA & QC certification course covers a wide range of topics other than quality management and familiarises students with ASME, API, ASQ, AWS, ASNT, BS, and ISO guidelines and standards as well. Further, the topics covered in the course are updated periodically for maintaining relevancy, consistency, credibility, and meeting the needs of the industry.


    IASE’s Placement Assistance


    The key aspect that differentiates IASE from other institutions is the placement support it extends to all those students who undergo the QA & QC training course at the center. IASE offers 100 percent placement assistance to all its students. This is possible only because of the strong relationships that the institute has painstakingly built with the big companies in India and the Middle East. These companies need to have qualified and highly skilled QA/QC professionals on their rolls in order to carry on with their quality-sensitive operations. As and when any of their QA/QC technicians, supervisors/managers, managers leave the organization due to superannuation or other reasons, they get in touch with IASE to recommend suitable candidates for those positions. IASE, in turn, intimates all those who have completed the course through WhatsApp to enable them to send in their applications and attend interviews.


    IASE’s QA & QC training course is designed to help engineering professionals in pursuing their dream of bagging a rewarding career in the field of quality management. In case you need answers to any of your specific questions, you may get in touch IASE right away!

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