• Optical Fiber Technology Job Opportunities In Europe

    optical fiber technology job opportunities

    Technological developments and inventions that are being made around the world for the advancement of mankind create opportunities for everyone. Apart from promising a bright future, they also present never-ending possibilities for the seekers. These innovations often evolve into new disciplines or branches of applied science and technology.Optical fiber technology job opportunities are in a rise now.

    All these enable each student to change his/her future prospects by showcasing their talent in a chosen field. The good news is that new disciplines or branches of applied science and technology are being introduced on a regular basis. Fiber optics technology, which offers a tremendous future potential, is a new branch of computer networking.

    Europe has made great contributions to the development of fiber optics technology with the first inventions related to optical fibers taking place at the University of Southampton, England, in the 1960s. In fact, Europe is driving the development of fiber sensors for industrial applications. Further, the European fiber optics market is expected to grow at 5.5 percent CAGR until 2023. This means that there will be plenty of optical fiber technology job opportunities in European countries in the future.

    Why Should You Learn Fiber Optics Technology?

    Fiber optics technology, a discipline that is part of both applied science and engineering, presents opportunities in the fields of Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Telecommunications. As optical fibers have revolutionized the field of data communication, undergoing a certificate in optical fiber technology opens up tremendous optical fiber technology job opportunities. Those who are looking for engineering jobs in Europe may have to complete a technical degree course.

    In this modern era, there is a need for efficient technology that moves ahead with the times. This means that there is a global demand for a robust and effective communication network. In such a situation, optical fiber technology undoubtedly assumes a lot of importance as it finds extensive use in the networking and hardware industry.

    Where to Study Optical Fiber Technology?

    Your goal should be to enroll in a well-known institution and successfully complete a course. As practical experience is an essential part of any technical degree course, you should choose an institution that offers the same. In addition to going through the website of the chosen institution with a toothcomb, you should check out as to whether the institution guarantees 100 percent placement for the students that complete the course.

    Another important aspect that you need to look into is how the learning environment influences the students of the institution. The learning environment influences individuals in two different ways, positively or negatively. If the learning environment is not good, you will lose focus on your journey to achieve your goal and the prospects for a better future becomes bleak.

    The universities in Europe give a lot of importance to ensuring a favourable and friendly environment apart from providing top-quality education to the students. They have developed a well-defined curriculum for technical education, including fiber optics. Apart from organizing workshops and training programmes, these courses offer opportunities for gaining practical experience. Students who make good use of these opportunities can easily find placements of their choice.

    What Are the Optical fiber technology job opportunities?

    If you have successfully completed a fiber optics course in a university and obtained a certificate, you can explore the huge opportunities available in the field of telecommunications. In Europe, fiber optics technology is employed in the telecommunications sector to make television, telephone, and Internet services more efficient. So, once you complete the course, you can look for optical fiber technology  job opportunities in Germany or any other country in the European Union. In Italy, optical fiber technology is being implemented to support the objectives set to be achieved by the Italian Gigabit Society by 2025. Therefore, there will be many job opportunities in Italy as well for qualified technicians.

    A fiber optics technician’s job responsibilities include laying or installing new cables in different parts of a building and repairing and reinstalling cables. A technician’s services are also required for rectifying problems related to cable connections.

    Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to a technician. That’s why it is important that he/she takes a professional approach when performing his/her duties. Good communication skills, integrity, and personal hygiene are some of the personality traits that will be of great help to technicians. Fiber optics is also a field wherein the concept ‘Pay by Experience’ is in force.

    A professional technician earns anywhere from USD 45,000 to 55,000. A new entrant in the industry needs just 5 years of experience to earn, on average, USD 42,000, including tips, bonuses, and overtime. A professional fiber optics technician with about 20 years of experience earns, on average, USD 57,000. However, it varies from one place to another based on job responsibilities and payscales.

    In general, the salary of a technician is decided on the basis of skills, experience, and market demand. If there is a demand for improving the communication infrastructure in your region or country, then you will be paid a higher salary. There is a huge demand for fiber optics technicians in the European Union and great opportunities await you.

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