• Which course to study after +2? 

    What after 12th?’ is the common question among the new generation of students studying in 12th standard. Every year these   questions hit lakhs of searches  in Google.  The confusion prevails among them concerning career prospects, job opportunities and yes, their passion, their preference. It is also important to ensure that the course they select is in line with the modern trends and offers sufficient employment opportunities. If you choose a course that promises equal employment opportunities in India and abroad, you, your family, and your society will be benefited because of your education. IASE is one of the leading institutions in Kerala that offers such courses.  Further, IASE assures 100 percent placement to the students that enroll for various courses it offers. Optical fiber technology is one of the best courses for +2 holders.  


    For the telecommunication companies, the services of optical fiber technicians who have equipped themselves with Optical fiber technician training courses are an absolute  necessity.  Optical fibers connect all the developed nations around the globe. Optical fiber cable network is very widespread  through the underground ducts, cable trenches, by sky using telecommunication poles, and through submarine trenches under the ocean. Optical fiber cables make possible high speed data transmission.


    In order to support the increasing internet usage, there is a heavy demand for technicians trained with the Optical Fiber Splicing course! Homes, business firms, ATM counters, Banks, data centers and mobile communication towers are interconnected by optical fiber cables. It is with the help of optical fiber cables that the communication between two persons over mobile phones is made possible. Data which transmits from mobile phones towards communication towers is later converted to optical signals.


    These signals travel by the optical fiber network and are caught  by the mobile towers near to the call receiver.  The present pandemic scenario is increasing internet  usage all over the world with new trends such as work from home, online classes, webinars, online meetings, online streaming of  movies  and OTT (Over the Top) platforms such as Roku TV, Netflix . Therefore the prominence of optical fiber technology is increasing day by day. IASE, the best optical fiber training institute in Kerala can ensure 100% guarantee for the students studying there.


    In these changing times, the internet usage will be increasing day by  day instead of diminishing. The internet network which is at present based on copper cables is to be replaced with Optical Fibers. This can ensure high salaried job opportunities for OFC Cable technicians for the coming 25 years. There is an increasing demand for OFC technicians to fill in the vacancies starting from local cable service providers to Indian companies such as  JIO, Bharathi, Airtel, BSNL, Railtel.


    Not only this ,  MNC  contracting companies who undertake cable laying in the deep see  with the help of large submarine cable laying  ships for international submarine fiber optical network such as Google, Verizon, FIOS, AT&T Fiber, Alcatel Submarine networks in France, Japanese company Fujitsu, NEC and even multinational companies such as Huawei marine networks and Earthlink Fiber have vacancies for OFC technicians to lay transcontinental submarine cable network with the help of ships, underwater trenching machines and robots in the deep ocean.


    Optical fiber splicing training course is a job training course for highly paid jobs and there are lots of job opportunities too. Technicians in the field of optical fiber are receiving relatively high salaries. However the fees of optical fibre training courses are  comparatively low. It has a fee structure easily affordable to the common man.


    The average course fee of an Optical fiber technician course is Rs. 50,000. Generally optical training institutes in Kerala charge RS. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 based on the duration and quality of the syllabus. Optical fiber Training Course is doubtlessly the best training course for +2 holders. 


    What makes these courses even more interesting is that even +2 failed and SSLC passed students can enroll. Fiber optics is an expanding area and is the technology of the future. It is the fastest, more secure and larger communication system. In the next few years, fiber optic technology will be offering new innovative solutions including opportunities in the health care and maritime industry. Predicting what the future holds is challenging, but surely you can be part of creating it. IASE is all set to carve a niche for you in the near, scintillating future.                             


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