• Online Certifications For Technicians

    online certifications for technicians

    Among the Indian states, the most number of people seeking overseas employment are from Kerala. Many of them take up jobs in the Gulf and travel on ECR passports. This means that they have not even completed their 10th standard. Often, they take up whatever job that comes their way, typically unskilled jobs.That is where online certifications for technicians comes into effect

    ECNR passports are given to those who have completed the 10th standard. Better job opportunities are available to those that have this qualification and also possess some sort of technical certification. That does not mean that job opportunities are less for others. People who are academically weak may not even be encouraged to complete their 10th for getting better jobs. Some people who go overseas with an ECNR passport may not have completed any technical education such as an ITI or a diploma course. However, they may get to work there as technicians.

    In general, in foreign countries, it is the capability of a person to do a job that matters more. However, certificates do have a weightage though they don’t guarantee better jobs. Those who manage to work as technicians often find themselves in a difficult situation when they are about to get a job promotion in recognition of their ability to do a job and their experience.IASE’s online certifications for technicians can solve this problem.

    IASE’s Online Programme – Certifications for Technicians

    In such situations, the online certification for technicians offered by IASE, one of the best institutes to provide job-oriented courses in Kerala, will be of great help to such people. Typically, those who have not done any job-oriented certificate courses will have to come back to India, complete a certification programme in order to be given the promotion they have become eligible for. Further, IASE can organize online certification for engineers as well.

    It may not be always possible for them to do as they have to take leave and spend a great deal of money on travel in order to obtain the certification. IASE’s online courses can help them save a lot of time and money. This is because classes and exams are conducted online. They can even avoid the inconvenience of travelling back and forth for this purpose.

    More than anything else, the greatest advantage of the courses offered by IASE is that the institute provides TUV Rhineland’s embassy attestable certificates. This programme is specifically meant for those who work as technicians in foreign countries and do not possess any certificates.

    Another advantage is that interested technicians can do certifications for technicians at their convenience after their work hours. Applications can be submitted online on the IASE website. Classes are conducted online and practical training is also provided. The fee for the chosen course can also be made online. Once the course is completed, an online exam will be conducted and a certificate issued. An experience certificate is also given to those who complete the courses successfully.

    Currently, IASE offers technician training courses in the following disciplines:


    CCTV Technician training course for those involved in the installation and maintenance of security systems

    CCTV Monitoring Training course for those who are working as operators

    Fire Alarm

    Fire Alarm Technician for those working as installation, operation, and maintenance technicians

    Building Management System (BMS)

    BMS Technician course for those working in this field

    Fiber Optics

    Fiber Optics Technician course for those involved in laying OFCs, setting up new networks, termination, splicing, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of existing networks, and resolution of signal problems


    Lift Technician Course for all people working as technicians in installing and servicing of lifts, walkalators, and escalators

    Fire and Safety

    Fire and Safety Technician course for technicians working in the field of installing and serving of fire and safety equipment

    Smartphone Service

    Mobile Phone Technician course for people engaged in servicing and repairing of mobile devices, and updating software

    Laptop Servicing

    Laptop Technician course for those involved in servicing and repairing of laptops and updating software

    Finally, IASE has plans to add many different technician courses in the future and the online exam and certification programme will be extended to those courses as well. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that IASE provides 100 percent placement assurance to those who undergo courses at the institute. This may be of some help to those that are planning for changing their companies for better prospects.

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