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A mobile phone technician’s job is to service, repair, and update the software in mobile phones. Smartphone service training is a large and growing area where its growth graph has been steadily rising globally. There are large number of vacancies of mobile phone technicians are available in the smaller service centres in villages to the showrooms of branded phone manufacturers and its authorized service centres. Whether the problem lies in the mobile phone’s software or hardware, services of a mobile phone technician training course undergone mobile phone technician is indeed required to try and fix the issue. The technician must first carefully listen to the customer’s description of the phone’s problem and differentiate the problem into either warranty, service or paid service. The mobile phone service engineer’s job is to run all the necessary tests on the defective mobile phone and carefully evaluate and replace the components such as battery, touch screens, keypads, buttons, camera etc,if found necessary. Good communication skills and the ability to view and understand the changing technologies is a must for mobile phone service engineer. Anyone having educational qualifications ranging from SSLC to B.Tech can easily find a job with the best job training course of mobile phone service technician training. We intend to make Indian youth into high-quality smartphone service technicians through the high-quality smartphone service training course. The number of mobile phones across the world is growing fast. 65% of the world’s population has become mobile phones owners. IASE is one of the best mobile phone service training institute in Kerala. Here mobile phone service training, smartphone service training, Tablet service training and laptop chip level service training courses are being conducted. Studies have found that by 2020, 77% of mobile users will switch to smartphones. According to a recent survey, 70% of people aged between 18 to 25 in Kerala use more than one mobile phone. According to the latest data, the number of mobile phones in India is 80 crore. It is growing rapidly every day. Our mobile phone training institutes in Kerala will make you an expert mobile phone service engineer within a short duration of time. Our smartphone training centre in Trivandrum, Kerala ensures a bright future for you. Just as in the case of the population India is also the second largest mobile phone subscriber in the world. From these figures it is clear that the demand is going to increase rapidly in the near future for the mobile phone technicians coming out of the best mobile phone service training institute in Kerala. This will create a huge increase in salaries of smartphone service engineers studied in mobile phone training center in Trivandrum, Kerala. As like mobile phones, mobile phone service industries are fast growing rapidly. This ensures high salary for the mobile phone service technician studied in mobile phone training institute in Trivandrum, Kerala. The demand for mobile phone repair technician successfully completed mobile phone service training course will not come down even the time of a recession. Because people tend to stop buying new phones when their income declines, and when buying new mobile phones decreases, repair of existing phones increases. Thus the number of mobile phone service training centres will increase and therefore the employment opportunities and salary of mobile phone service technician also increases. Mobile phone training diploma holders can earn a starting salary of about 2200-4200 dirhams per month in gulf countries. With two years of experience it increases to 3200-6200 dirhams per month. Since there is not a big investment is required to start mobile phone service training centers in Kerala. Those who have 4 to 5 years of experience in this sector have seems to be starting their own institution. If the owned mobile phone service centre is doing well, one can earn up to 7500 dirhams per month. By utilizing these opportunities in a proper way, the SSLC, Plus Two, Polytechnic and B.Tech passed students can join the mobile phone repair training courses in Trivandrum Kerala conducted by IASE and achieve a permanent income and a respectable job in the society. Well-equipped labs, up to date syllabus, well trained faculties etc make sure the quality of smartphone service technician passing out from here. A placement assistance cell is functioning here to inform students regarding the vacancies in mobile phone service centres, mobile phone technician vacancies in gulf countries etc through WhatsApp groups and social media. It ensures job guarantee for the students passing out from here.

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