• The importance of Automation in Buildings and Farmlands


    A new generation industry that has created tremendous employment opportunities all over the world is automation. However, building automation is different from industrial automation in the sense that the former creates job opportunities in both urban and rural areas alike. Those who complete an industrial automation course can find jobs only in industrialised cities/towns. This is because industrial automation jobs are limited to factories. On the other hand, students who undergo a building automation training course can find jobs in both cities/towns and villages. This can be attributed to the fact that CCTV, Fire alarm, Access Control, Lighting Automation, H.V.A.C. controls, and Irrigation Controls are being commonly installed as part of automation in residential buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, banks, and national highways. There is tremendous scope for employment in the automation sector because of new automation systems that are being installed and maintenance required for the existing systems. This ensures a bright future for those who study the automation training course.


    Generally, security guards are responsible for executing security, control, and monitoring jobs in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Automation eliminates the need for human involvement in these jobs. Though many security guards may lose their jobs, students who undergo an automation training course in the best automation training institute in Kerala will enjoy a lot of employment opportunities because automation makes life more secure and hassle-free for people.


    Today, it is possible to ensure the safety and security of houses and commercial establishments from anywhere in the world with the help of state-of-the-art automation systems. If anyone intrudes or trespasses into places fitted with electronic security equipment, an alert alarm rings, and notifications are sent to the house owner,  police station, and central monitoring station. Moreover, the intruders are deterred with the help of two-way communication equipment. Further, the patrol team can quickly reach the spot and take necessary action, based on the instruction received from the central monitoring station, when there is an intrusion. Additionally, home automation allows home appliances, lighting, and garden irrigation and HVAC equipment to be operated anywhere from the world either through the mobile phone or the Internet. As such, one security guard can take care of the jobs hitherto done by several security guards with the help of CCTV observation systems and the central monitoring station (CMS) installed in residential buildings and other commercial establishments.


    Gates, garage shutters, and doors of a house that are connected to a home automation system can be opened and closed with the help of a smartphone from any corner of the world. The lights in the house can also be put ON or OFF according to a pre-set time. When the lights in an unoccupied house are remotely put ON and OFF, it gives the impression that the house is occupied even though nobody is actually living there. This also helps to prevent any kind of burglary.


    If the irrigation pumps installed in a farmhouse are connected to the building automation system, the water sprinkler pumps can be made to go ON and OFF automatically to irrigate the land when the moisture content in the soil goes below a specified level. Similarly, dozer pumps are used to feed the required quantity of minerals that help to maintain the pH value into water pipelines when there is a variation in the soil pH from the preset value. The dozer pumps go ON and OFF automatically based on the input received from different types of sensors installed at many places in the soil around the farmhouse.


    This helps not only to ensure that the soil in agricultural lands has optimum levels of fertilizers but also to increase the yield. Modern precision farming has created a large number of job opportunities for B.Tech holders in the field of agriculture. Traditionally, agriculture was done in open areas. Today, it is being shifted to modern polyhouses. In fact, the trend is to do vertical farming in places that are protected by a polyhouse or crop canopy. Such type of vertical farming is being carried out by large multinational companies in multilevel farmhouses located on the outskirts of cities that have a population of more than 10 lakh. These covered agricultural lands (referred to as polyhouses), often do not have any connection with the outside world. In these farmhouses, micronutrients needed for crops are scientifically mixed with water and used for agriculture instead of soil. As these polyhouses are secluded from the outside environment, they will be free from weeds and pests. This means that there is no need to use weedicides and pesticides in polyhouses. This also means that farming will be carried out in a completely organic manner in the future.


    The temperature, humidity, and the intensity of light inside a polyhouse are measured using different types of sensors. They include those needed for controlling humidity through water misters or sprayers, adding micronutrients to water using dozer pumps, and adjusting the pH of water. All these developments have contributed to tremendously increasing the employment opportunities for students who complete the BMS Technician course. Automation has also helped in reducing the manpower requirement in sectors such as gardening and farming. This, in turn, has contributed to a reduction in the cost of production.


    Automation in the agriculture sector in developed countries such as the USA, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, and Germany, has drastically cut down the employment opportunities in large farmlands. Many farmers are encouraged to implement automation in their farmlands because they get back the return on their investment within a short period of time. Actually, automation does not cut down employment opportunities. In fact, it recreates outdated jobs with the help of technology. As such, those who carefully observe the changes and technological developments that are taking place around the world and undergo job training courses for engineers that are relevant to the times will be able to easily find high paying jobs in India and overseas.

    Hope you got a clear understanding of the importance of automation in infrastructure, buildings, and the agriculture industry. The change is with you. Join IASE and get ready to be a part of it.

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