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hvac training course kerala

If you have completed a tradesman course in an ITI or a vocational training institute, diploma course in a Polytechnic, or B. Tech. course in an engineering college, the next step is to seek employment. Now, if you are looking for employment in a specific field, you may have to equip yourself with additional certification. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning is one of the most sought-after fields as it offers huge employment opportunities both inside and outside the country. If your goal is to take up a job in this niche, it is important that you get certified by completing a job-oriented HVAC training course in Kerala, Trivandrum.


Best HVAC Training Institute in Kerala


To get employed in a good organization that pays you well, it is important that you enroll for the certification course in HVAC training course offered by the best HVAC training institute in Kerala. Institute for Advanced Studies in Engineering (IASE), the training division of Controls and Schematics, fits the bill. The institute operates as a Career Development Centre and provides top-notch skill-based industry-oriented technical education and certificate courses that help their students bag high-paying jobs in and outside India.


What Is HVAC  


HVAC expands to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are used to regulate the temperature (heating or cooling as required) inside residential and commercial spaces. Such a system can be used even in submarines to maintain comfortable ambient conditions. HVAC systems are being installed in more and more buildings now, especially in modern buildings, to ensure improved indoor air quality. This is achieved through a ventilation system that replaces or exchanges the air in closed spaces with fresh air from outside. HVAC systems enable users to have better control of moisture levels within spaces and eliminate smoke, odors, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and several other gases from closed spaces.


How Does the HVAC System Work


An HVAC system used for cooling purposes has a water chiller arrangement that chills the water and circulates it throughout the building through tubes inside insulated ducts. Blowers drive air across the tubes through which chilled water is being circulated. The cold air enters various spaces to be cooled through vents provided in the ducting. An HVAC system that is used for heating purposes will have a boiler or steam generator instead of a water chiller. Hot water/steam is circulated through the tubes and hot air is blown into the spaces.


There are different types of HVAC systems but their working principle is more or less the same. In order to make the system operate efficiently, several control systems are required. For example, a thermostat is required to control the ambient temperature. An alarm system is required to alert HVAC system operators when problems arise. In the case of large HVAC installations, operations are often managed from centralized control panels.


HVAC jobs in Kerala


The widespread use of HVAC systems because of the mushrooming of multi-storied buildings, malls, shopping arcades, and rapid industrialization has led to an unprecedented demand for qualified technicians and engineering diploma and degree holders. Unfortunately, students who undergo traditional courses do not get sufficient hands-on experience in planning, design, installation, erection, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems.


The short-term HVAC training course in Kerala, Trivandrum offered by IASE makes all students that enroll for the certification program industry-ready, meaning they will be able to take up responsible positions on successful completion of the course. Luckily, the developments are not limited to Kerala alone. Other parts of India are also witnessing economic growth. Moreover, many countries around the world boast of more HVAC installations than India. This means that deserving students can land high-paying jobs anywhere in the world.


The HVAC market research report shows that the HVAC market is expected to grow from $8,526.7 million in 2019 to $31,598.6 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 16.0 percent. Globally, the HVAC market is expected to grow to $277 billion by 2025 from $202 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 6.5 percent. This information should provide some idea of the job opportunities that will be available for qualified technicians and professionals.


What Are the Advantages of Enrolling for the HVAC Training Course in IASE


IASE specializes in providing job-oriented training courses like HVAC training courses  that are focused on making students industry-ready. Students gain sound technical knowledge on HVAC systems through classroom sessions handled by experts in the industry. Students also get hands-on training in different types of HVAC system designs at the state-of-the-art laboratory facility. More than anything else, IASE offers 100 percent placement assistance to their students. Top officials from most companies in India and abroad are in touch with IASE and they notify the institute when they have vacancies for HVAC technicians and engineers for handling planning and design, installation, operation, and maintenance functions. Many of the students who studied at IASE are employed by top companies in India and abroad.

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