• How to Become an Expert Lift Technician – Things You Should Know

    Institutions offering lift technician courses are mushrooming around the state/ the country. You must have in-depth knowledge and develop certain skills to become an expert lift technician. This article is intended for giving you some insights that can make you an expert in lift technology, whom the organizations will seek. However, the prerequisite is to undergo a lift technician course in Kerala, or anywhere else in the country, at a reputed academy.

    Expert lift technicians have job opportunities not only in India but also abroad. With adequate training, experience, expertise, and exposure, you can become a skilled lift technician. The basic qualities of an expert lift technician are elaborated in this article.  


    What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Lift Technician?


    The lift technician is a trained expert, who is knowledgeable enough to install, replace, repair, and maintain lifts, elevators, and escalators. He or she will be trained comprehensively to carry out the subject tasks.  The detailed nature of their job is explained in the subsequent paragraphs.


    Installation of Lifts/ Escalators/ Elevators – Nowadays every multi-story building is installed with lift or elevators.  Therefore, the requirement of qualified and well-trained lift technicians is also increasing. An expert lift technician should know about the assembly and installation of new escalators and the working of  Hydraulic elevators.


    Preventive and Corrective Maintenance – Although the credible lifts and elevator manufacturers have excellent longevity, it may require preventive and corrective maintenance from time to time. The lift technician should be aware of the mechanisms, components, and parts that require periodic maintenance. Further, he or she should be capable of reading the telltale indications, defect indications, and errors. And undertake the necessary corrective measures.


    Replacement of Components – Some of the components including gears may need periodical replacement to prevent it from failure. Only a qualified lift technician will be able to read and understand the life of the major and minor components and carry out a replacement as and when required.


    Reading and Understanding Electrical System Errors – The lift technician may have to interpret various electrical system indications. She or he must study the wiring diagram in detail, locate the error/ discontinuity in the electrical system, and rectify the defect.  


    How to be an Expert Lift Technician?


    You must possess some outstanding qualities that will distinguish you from others to be an expert lift technician.


    Proactive Attitude – A lift technician must be proactive to inspect the components/ parts and carry out necessary repairs, replacement, and maintenance. A defect-free lift will amplify your value in the organization. You must avoid a “nothing will happen” attitude to excel in the profession. This is not only applicable to the profession of lift technicians but also applicable in every profession.


    Eye for Detail – You must be capable of observing even a minor change in functioning, or sounds during operation. It can indicate underlying defects.


    Academics – Study the basic working principle, theories, electrical wiring, and other aspects related to lifts, pneumatic elevators, and escalators.  Detailed knowledge will help you to become an expert in a quick time.


    Focus During Internship – Reputed lift technician courses in Kerala offer internships at elite multinational companies and organizations. The internship is the best time for hands-on experience. Utilize the time in the best possible way to get expertise.


    Observing the Safety Aspects – People tend to become overconfident after a period in a particular profession. It can turn to complacency, the biggest enemy to any professional. Complacency should not infiltrate into your thoughts. Else, you cannot become an expert lift technician.


    Join a Well-Established Academy – The academy where you undergo training has an important role to play in making you an expert lift technician. An academy with well-qualified professionals, an international curriculum, and exceptional facilities will play a pivotal role in making you an expert lift technician. Hence, you must choose the right academy for undergoing the lift technician course.


    The End Piece


    Your attitude, the quality of the academy where you undergo the lift technician course, and your focus during internship matter a lot in your performance as a lift technician. An expert lift technician is valued in any organization. Hence, you must work hard towards becoming a lift technician sought after by the organization.


    Study well, work honestly, and dedicate yourself to become an expert lift technician. Subsequently, you can get the best job offer in India or abroad on an enviable pay scale.

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