• Working Of An Ice Cube Making Machine

    What is an Ice Cube Making Machine?


    The ice cube making machine resembles a refrigerator. It is important for juice bars, restaurants, bars, canteens, star hotels, etc., that need ice cubes in bulk quantities to have this machine with them. The machine which runs on electrical power stores the ice cubes in a thermally insulated storage chamber. According to their requirement, users can take ice cubes from the chamber. When the quantity of ice stored in the machine reduces, it automatically starts making ice cubes. Similarly, it stops working when the quantity reaches the specified level.


    What are the Uses of a Commercial Ice Cube Making Machine?


    The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has clearly specified the quality standards of ice cubes to be used in food items. Further, the FSSAI has stipulated that juice parlours, bakeries, bar hotels, and star hotels should serve only ice cubes made of purified water that meets the prescribed quality standards. Therefore, the raw water to be used in the ice cube making machine should have passed through three stages – pre-filter, micro-filter, and activated carbon filter. While the pre-filter removes the relatively bigger particles present in raw water, the micro-filter removes particles up to 5-micron size. The activated carbon filter, on the other hand, removes the foul smell from water. As such, water that has passed through three stages of filtration and free from disease-causing microbes is used in commercial ice cube making machines.


    The ice cubes made in these machines will be hollow inside and cylindrical in shape because of the process involved. Juice shops and roadside eateries are generally classified as substandard outlets. They use low-quality ice cubes made with commercial ice plants to store fish. This leads to various types of stomach problems. Ice cubes that are not made using ice cube making machines built as per standards specified by FSSAI cannot be used in the food industry. If this comes to the attention of food inspectors, the user will have to pay a fine.


    In high-quality bar hotels, canteens run by large institutions, star hotels, and clubs have commercial ice cube making machines. There are many factories that manufacture these machines in India. They hire those who have completed the refrigeration & air conditioning course as technicians for manufacturing ice cube making machines and providing after sales service. When conducting interviews to hire the right candidates, the HR managers of these companies select only those who have completed a course from the best HVAC training institute as technicians.


    That is why you should study only in the best AC mechanic training institute. This helps you to secure your future. To get a job in the ice cube making machine manufacturing industry, you need to undergo a refrigeration job training course such as the AC mechanism training course or a six-month diploma in refrigeration and air conditioning course. This means that you should enroll in a job-oriented training course to benefit from the job opportunities available in India and outside the country.


    Refrigeration & air conditioning systems make use of the principles that both mechanical and electrical engineers learn. In Kerala, there are many air conditioning & refrigeration training institutions. AC technicians, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and anyone who wants to work in the refrigeration & air conditioning field can study in an HVAC engineering training institution and get a good job.


    How Does an Ice Cube Making Machine Work?


    Quality conscious bar hotels and star hotels serve high-quality ice cubes to their customers. Such ice cubes are made using commercial ice cube making machines which have a water supply system with a pump that operates automatically, a condenser, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, and a refrigeration system with hot gas defrost arrangement. The pump keeps circulating water over the freezer zone which maintains thermal contact with the evaporator. The ice cubes are released from the mould with the help of the hot gas defrost arrangement. In the machines, which work in ice making mode and harvest mode, water is converted into ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Water circulated around the mould or the freezing surface in the machine always maintains contact with the evaporator surface. The water cools down because of constant contact with the evaporator and the expansion of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system. This results in the formation of ice cubes in the mould.


    Further, there is a sensor to measure the temperature of water circulating in the machine. The temperature sensor is installed in the pump’s suction line. As soon as the temperature of the water reaches the set point, the machine shifts from the ice making mode to harvest mode. When the machine is in the harvest mode, the hot gas solenoid valve opens and the hot refrigerant from the compressor reaches the evaporator arranged behind the mould. As the hot air is blown, ice cubes fall off into the ice cube dispenser and are stored in an insulated chamber.


    This is how a commercial ice cube making machine works. Factories that manufacture these machines employ expert technicians in the production, quality control, and quality testing department. Generally, expert technicians who have undergone AC mechanism training are employed. There is an excellent refrigeration & air conditioning training centre in Kerala that offers courses like AC mechanism training


    What are the Maintenance Required for Ice Cube Making Machines


    Maintaining an ice cube making machine is as important as choosing a high-quality ice maker. The machine has to be serviced and maintained at regular intervals. Any laxity in this regard adversely affects the performance of the machine. That is why the maintenance of the ice cube making machine is extremely important. The machine should be cleaned only with the chemical recommended by the manufacturer. Further, these machines have to be serviced four times a year. Moreover, the raw water filtration system has to be changed once in 3 to 6 months depending on ice consumption. Otherwise, the amount of sludge that collects in the filters increases and affects the quality of the ice cubes produced. In addition, the faulty parts of the machines have to be replaced immediately. Expert technicians who have completed the AC mechanic training course are required for servicing and periodic maintenance of ice cube making machines. If the machines are serviced regularly and maintained as suggested they will last for a very long time.


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