• How Fresher Engineers can get a Job?

    Every parent hopes that their children will grow up to be engineers, but do all fresh engineers get jobs? Unfortunately, not every engineer is hired. So, in this article, we’ll discuss “how a fresher engineer can get a job” in today’s competitive world.


    In India, thousands of graduates from various colleges across the country are competing for jobs. Some candidates get on-campus jobs, while the majority don’t get placement. Therefore, getting a job based on your abilities has become extremely difficult. Some of the skills taught in colleges and universities are no longer in demand. Even most organizations do not accept freshers. As a result, many candidates plan to work in European countries, but is it that easy to get over there?


    What to do next?


    The question now is what to do if the real-world scenario doesn’t go as planned. What can you do to stay one step ahead of  the  competition?  There  are  numerous  options,  but  we  will  focus  on  the  best  way  of  how  a  fresher  engineer can get a job. Also we will discuss how you can get a job in other countries like Europe.


    1. Apply to Job Finding Portals


    One of the best ways the fresher engineer can get a job is to use job search portals. Fresh engineers can make their resumes available to the entire world by uploading them to reputable job portals. Many job portals provide free services to fresh engineers; by submitting your resume to one of these job portals, your resume can be seen by HR managers all over the world.


    Some companies recruit freshers as trainees, and if your performance meets their expectations after a certain period, they may hire you. The company is looking for new blood, for new ideas that will help them improve their productivity. So submit your resume to some reputable job portals. www.indianbrainz.com is one of the good job portals that allows candidates to freely post their resumes.


    2. Apply for some certification programs


    Automation engineers are in high demand at the moment. The rapid advancement of technology and production capacity allows for the automation of an increasing number of processes, making them significantly more efficient. As a result, applying for various automation courses will not only improve your resume but also open doors to opportunities abroad. Let’s take a closer look at the various career options.




    Since the market for CCTV cameras has grown in recent years, there is a high demand for technicians who are familiar with CCTV camera installation and repair techniques. CCTV technicians are always in high demand, both in India and abroad. You can work in the mass media, crime investigation offices, and even the film industry if you have the certification of handling CCTV cameras.


    Fire Alarm

    The scope of fire alarm technology has been constantly on the rise, creating jobs and newer employment and career options for millions of people around the world. It is one of the few industries that has been supported by the growth in real estate and other industries. As a result, obtaining certification in this course can improve the value of your resume.


    BMS (Building Management System)

    All of the technical systems that help the building function normally are monitored, regulated, controlled, and effectively managed by the BMS. It is included so that all MEP systems are constantly monitored in real time for any flaws or system failures and necessary actions are taken. The importance of BMS has grown as a result of its exposure in a variety of industries, including banking, information technology, and even real estate. It also have a huge scope not only in India but abroad as well.


    Fiber Optics


    Fiber optics are an important component of the infrastructure that underpins much of the world’s connectivity. We all need the internet, and fibre optics is one of the most efficient ways of data and telecommunications transfer. As a result, fiber optic technicians and engineers are in high demand right now, with opportunities in a variety of industries throughout the world.


    Lift Technician


    Electrical traction and hydraulic lift engineers install, refurbish, service, and repair lift equipment. Specialist lift maintenance and building services companies, local governments, hospitals, and educational institutions all hire them. Obtaining certification in this course would assist you in obtaining excellent opportunities both in India and abroad.


    Fire and Safety


    The Fire and Safety course transforms applicants into professionals in fire safety management, allowing them to pursue careers in both the private and public sectors. They can work in enterprises, refineries, and other industries. They can also work as a lecturer or trainer in any fire safety training institution, or join the government fire department.




    Repairing air conditioners and refrigerators is a highly sought-after profession. These areas are on the lookout for fresh technicians who have completed HVAC training. Experts are required for planning, installing, commissioning, and maintaining HVAC systems. Not only in India, but throughout the world, HVAC engineers are in high demand.


    Fire Protection


    Engineers in this profession can work in either the public or private sectors, depending on their interests and preferences. They can also work in industries like chemical or flammable product manufacture, such as petroleum refineries, textiles, and fertilizers. Manufacturing, chemicals, and bottling plant handling have a huge scope.




    MEP has ushered in a much-needed trend in engineering solutions, allowing many types of engineers to collaborate. When we say “much needed,” we’re referring to a large industry demand. The likelihood of landing a job is quite good. The MEP certified are awarded a competitive salary package. Furthermore, there is a good possibility that you will be given an opportunity to work in another country.




    On a large scale, CAD has a tremendous scope in the civil engineering and mechanical engineering fields. CAD is a widely used and reliable software for both 2D and 3D drawing. The major goal of the industrial sector is to produce numerous components in a timely and efficient manner. CAD software is now required for industrial work in civil and mechanical engineering.



    Revit is a stepping stone towards the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM). There is a major scarcity of competent manpower in this market because it is a novel concept. Revit is used by individuals, businesses, and government agencies to plan, design, construct and maintain a variety of physical infrastructures. As a result, it has a lot of potentials and pays well.


    QA & QC


    In the future, there is surely a lot of room for experimentation. As long as software is being built, it must be tested, and hence the testing sector and the testing specialists that work in it will always be in demand. Automated testing, on the other hand, is growing popularity as typical web/mobile apps require automated testing tools for accurate validation. As a result, employers are on the lookout for qualified candidates.




    BIM enables contractors, designers, and the AEC industry, in general, to maintain a constant eye on the model’s evolving designs and make fast modifications, resulting in improved communication with project stakeholders. As a result, BIM experts have a wide range of scope in the industry. Also, a fresher engineer can get a job after this course.


    PLC and SCADA


    PLC and SCADA have a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors. In an industrial setting, the entire automation area is strongly reliant on them. Previously, the control required microprocessor control or relay logic. PLC and SCADA are now sufficient. It is extremely dependable and adaptable. As a result, obtaining a certificate from the best training institution can be extremely beneficial.


    Industrial Automation


    With technology connected to new inflection points: nanotechnology and nanoscale assembly systems; MEMS and nanotech sensors that can measure everything and everything; and the widespread Internet, machine to machine (M2M) networking, industrial automation can and will produce tremendous growth. This is a future trend, thus it has a lot of potential in the industry.




    Robotics is a multidisciplinary technical field with several prospects to work for some of the greatest companies in India and worldwide. The future of robotics engineering offers significant prospects for its developing specialists, from production units to experimental robotics for the medical, military, and automotive industries.


    High Voltage Cable Jointing and Termination


    You will gain expertise in insulating materials and their applications in various electrical equipment by studying high voltage engineering. Understanding modelling in conjunction with finite element analysis will increase the demand for HV engineers in India and abroad.


    Switchgear and Substation Equipments


    Switchgear is seeing a lot of innovation around the world. Switchgears are being used in industrial projects, as well as residential and commercial buildings. Nowadays, the phrase “switchgear” refers to a circuit breaker, a switch disconnector, or an isolator. As a result, the need for experts in India and abroad grows.


    Solar Power System


    Solar power system is becoming essential day by day. And now almost every country is installing solar plants. Therefore, it increases the huge requirement of solar power system professionals with a good pay.


    Which is the best Automation Training Institute in India?


    Now, the fresher engineer can get a job with skills that will help you succeed. The best place to start is IASE, one of the best automation institutes in Kerala. It is the best institute for fresher engineers to improve their skills in the field of automation. The institute’s main goal is to provide jobs for India’s youth, which is the country’s biggest challenge.


    The institute uses the most up-to-date educational methods to help you achieve a brighter future by improving your understanding. Furthermore, the fee of automation training is reasonable, allowing anyone with a strong desire to pursue and achieve their goals.


    If you have IASE certifications, then the fresher engineer can get a job after graduation. Students will take a trade exam and receive an Embassy attestable certificate after completing the course at the best training institute in Kerala. This will allow them to seek employment in other countries.


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