• How Does Fire Sand Bucket Extinguishers Protect From Fire?

    A fire sand bucket or fire bucket is used to prevent or extinguish the fire by filling it with sand or water and throwing it over the fire. Most commonly fire buckets are painted bright red, with the word “FIRE” written in white. The main advantages of fire buckets are that they are cheap, reliable, easy to use, and can be quickly refilled and reused. 


    fire sand bucket extinguishers


    Most often they have a convex, rounded bottom which results in a strong, directed stream of water or sand when it is thrown at the fire. Compared to the flat bottom bucket, the rounded bottom bucket effectively propels water or sand directly to the fir. As the buckets are usually in round or conical shapes, it cannot be used for another purpose other than fire fighting and prevents from being stolen.  


    As you know that fire suppression systems are not always available in certain situations, so you need to know the other alternative ways to put out the fire. Sand and bucket play crucial roles in the technique to smother the fire. Fire-sand bucket is actually a steel bucket filled with sand. Have you ever come across a situation where a small fire occurs, in that situation this low-tech method of fighting a fire is usually very effective. As a low-technology method, fire buckets are used to prevent or fight small fires. Since this technology has several advantages, it is considered as the most preferred fire fighting method to extinguish small fire explosions.  


    How to use Fire-Sand bucket Extinguisher?


    A Fire-Sand bucket can be simply constructed and operated, in a certain emergency situation it will be effective when a small fire erupts, by following these steps


    • Step 1 


    Buy a sturdy steel bucket and colour it bright red and stencil the word “FIRE” in it


    • Step 2


    Fill the bucket with either wet or dry sand


    • Step 3 


    When a fire explosion happens, gush the sand over the fire, covering the fires completely. The sand will cut off the oxygen and extinguish the fire.


    A handy bucket of sand poured directly on the flames will help you to reduce the fire before it gets out of control and cause physical harm or property damage. Usually, they are fixed on dedicated fire bucket stands and placed in prominent positions in rooms or corridors. The fire bucket containing sand can also be applied to absorb flammable liquids and make them less dangerous, by decreasing the risk of fire and explosion.


    Fire buckets are most often provided at petrol pumps to absorb any small fuel spills. The sand buckets are one of the safety measures used at the petrol pumps along with the standard ABC fire extinguishers and CO2 extinguishers. For example, when an emergency happens, the sand bucket is used to immediately cease the fire while another fire extinguisher will take more time to operate however the sand buckets filled with sand can be immediately used.


    Fire sand buckets are only efficient to extinguish Class A type of fire which involves paper, wood, clothes, grass, etc, and for class E type fire caused by electrical appliances or electric short circuits.  Compared to other modern types of extinguisher Sand Bucket type extinguisher are simple but highly effective, cheap, and easy to operate.


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