• Gorilla glass: A boon for the modern world


    In recent times, the use of smartphones has increased at a pace greater than ever anticipated. We all know the fact that the devices have been more mobile than ever before. This factor makes it more prone to getting damaged by any numbers of reasons like a drop, accident, etc. Not just our phones but the same can be said for our TVs, tablets, and laptops.


    Today we are going to discuss gorilla glass which is well known for its scratch resistant nature. It is a leading durable glass by the company Corning. As mentioned above we need to take proper precautions to protect our devices this is one of the main reasons why we need to make use of gorilla glasses.


    The invention of gorilla glass was serendipity. This accidental discovery has been a saviour for many phones. The glass is made from chemically constructed alkali aluminosilicate. This composition weaves the strength of glasses. All because of the ion exchange which takes place during the construction of Gorilla glasses.


    Manufacturing of Gorilla Glasses

    The Gorilla glass 6 which is the latest version has got its scratch resistance and strength to withstand multiple drops after many iteration processes. This compression layer provides the best strength for such glasses. This is why your smartphone is less likely to suffer from breakage. If you want to acquire any further information regarding this then go ahead to join any Mobile repairing training institute in Kottayam, Kerala.


    Advantages of Gorilla Glasses

    There are various advantages of using gorilla glass like it is more powerful than a normal screen guard. Main advantages are as follows

    It is scratch resistant. Despite being thin it is still durable and can withstand more heat.


    • Protector of your smartphone


    We bet you that you won’t be able to find a better protector for your smartphone as in comparison to gorilla glass. This glass formulated a front hard skin for your smartphone which protects it from any harm.


    • Thinner in appearance


    The next advantage of gorilla glass is that it is extremely thin in appearance. This is the reason which makes your tablet or smartphone look more stunning. Gorilla glass is trending the chatter of the market too. This aspect of gorilla glass associates directly with the efficiency of gorilla glass.


    • Provides the right support


    The gorilla glass yet durable is not completely indestructible. It’s newer versions are really resilient and can bear at least 15 drops. But the glasses are prone to scratches. Even after all these gorilla glass provides you with the most remarkable support for your smartphone or tablet


    • Safe for the environment too


    We know that this shocking but true. This is one of the most unmatchable benefits of a gorilla that it is fully recyclable and is compliant with the restriction of Hazardous substance directive. Its biodegradable nature makes it a non-hazardous material and environment-friendly.

    In order to learn proper care of the gorilla glass, you can prefer to get for Mobile repair training institutes in Kottayam.

    The gorilla glass is lightweight, thin, strong, and compatible with touch screen and is, therefore, a great invention for the modern world.

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