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    Fire alarm and fire protection training is one of the new job oriented courses introduced by IASE, the leading job training institute in Kerala. The course aims to make you job ready for manifold opportunities in India and abroad. Various factors such as the outstanding syllabus of the courses, lab facilities, and placement assistance have helped IASE to gain the reputation of being one of the best job training institutes in Kerala within a short span itself.

    What is a Fire alarm?

    What is Fire & safety training?

    Fire Alarm is an electronic security device used to safeguard the life and properties of the people. Different types of sensors in the fire alarm detect the occurrence of smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide and uses audiovisual signalization to warn the people seconds before the outbreak thereby reducing the extent of the damage. Fire alarm and Fire and safety training is the study of fire alarm and fire protection system planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance. Nowadays it has made mandatory to install fire alarms in every multi-storeyed building. A building can be used for trade and commercial purposes only after installing fire sprinkler, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and other fire protection devices and getting the clearance certificate by the fire and rescue department after their thorough inspection. Hospitals, hotels, banks and other commercial enterprises have to fulfil this prerequisite by law. All buildings are also required to ensure that all these fire safety devices are in proper working condition all the time apart from installing in new buildings. All these new legal regulations have created new job opportunities for the students who have completed their Fire alarm & fire and safety course in Trivandrum. Fire alarm and fire and safety training in Kerala is a short time job training course which can be easily learned by students who have completed their SSLC, ITI, Diploma and BTech. Moreover, it can provide you with immense employment opportunities after the course completion in India and abroad. IASE, the best safety training institute in Kerala gives intensive training for jobs related to Designing, Project Planning, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and maintenance of fire protection systems. Two analogue and two Addressable panel training are provided here. In India, there are only a few institutes which provide professional fire alarm training. It is not provided in Govt ITIs, Polytechnic or in other engineering colleges. One of the challenges faced by the fire alarm and fire protection agencies in Kerala is the lack of qualified technicians who have completed their Fire alarm training and fire and safety training course. Hence, after the training from IASE, the students who excel in their technical skills have a higher possibility of getting into highly paid jobs in India and abroad.  To equip the students who have completed SSLC, ITI, Diploma and Engineering to be eligible for jobs in abroad, IASE provides training in GST ( Gulf Security Technology ) Fire Alarm Panel which is used extensively in Gulf countries and Bosh (Germany) Fire Alarm training which is used extensively in European countries. IASE is the only Fire alarm training institute in Kerala with well equipped labs including two addressable fire alarm panels, two analog panels, beam detector, heat detector, smoke detector, flame detector and water flow detector, duct smoke sensor, LPG leakage detector, short circuit isolator, manual call point, Siron, Strobe light, battery charger. IASE provides 100% placement assistance to our students. Fire and Safety Companies and agencies from abroad and Indian metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi contact IASE in search of qualified professionals. All these ensure jobs for the students who study here. IASE regularly update students regarding abroad job opportunities and other interviews with the help of WhatsApp and social media. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a bright future for all the students in IASE.


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