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     If your search for the keyword phrase “best fire and safety training institute in Kerala” or “fire protection engineering training centre near me” brought you to this blog, you are in the right place. IASE is one of the top fire protection engineering training institutes in India and the job-oriented fire & safety training course offered by IASE can help you secure highly remunerative job positions in companies in India and abroad. Moreover, IASE is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities to impart the skills students need to advance their careers in the field. Furthermore, IASE focuses on providing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to students to enhance their competitive advantage in the job market.


    Fire Protection Engineering Course – What Is It 


    Fire Protection Training course is a job-oriented course that is being introduced by the top job training institute in Kerala IASE. Students who have successfully completed technician (ITI), Diploma (Polytechnic), and degree (B. Tech.) courses can enroll for this course. This is the best course for mechanical engineers. As the popularity of electrical vehicles is on the rise, this is the best course for automobile engineers as well. The certificate that IASE provides to the students on completion of the job-oriented course is very valuable as it helps them get employed in top companies in India and other countries around the world. 


    Modern high-rise buildings, oil and gas plants, shopping malls, hospitals, refineries, and IT Parks are mandatorily required to install fire protection systems to protect the lives of people who use or work in these properties. Fire protection systems also safeguard these properties themselves, important documents or records, and inventory from the ravages of fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire hazard, fire and safety systems serve to reduce the damages caused. Different types of sensors that form part of a fire protection system detect the possibility of a fire breaking out in the early stages itself and set off alarms to warn the occupants of these buildings to quickly vacate the area. The study of electro-mechanical fire protection systems is referred to as fire protection engineering.


    As such, students who enroll for the fire protection engineering course learn about the following systems:


    • Fire hydrant & sprinkler system
    • Analogue and addressable fire alarm system
    • Foam Flooding system
    • Flame & gas detection system
    • Various types of fire extinguishers
    • Carbon dioxide flooding system
    • FM 200 system 
    • Novec1230 fire suppression system
    • DCP Flooding system 
    • Rim seal fire protection system 
    • Fire DTK Tubing system
    • Beam protection


    This is not an exhaustive list of the systems that students learn about when they enroll for the fire protection engineering course but these are some of the important ones. They also learn about fire protection engineering services, including system design, installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance.


    Fire Protection Engineering Jobs In Kerala


    Globalization which is driving the growth of various industrial sectors has led to a boom in the construction sector as well. This, in turn, has driven the deployment of fire protection systems in all types of high-rise office and residential buildings, commercial properties, hospitals, factories, etc. This means that new fire protection systems need to be installed in new structures that come up. This has opened up employment opportunities for certified technicians and engineering diploma and degree holders. Certified fire protection engineering professionals are presented with opportunities to work in fields such as the design of fire protection systems; procurement of fire and safety equipment; and installation, testing, and commissioning of these systems.


    Further, older structures where fire protection systems have been installed also provide employment opportunities. Old systems may have to be replaced or modernised, or maintained in good operating condition by inspecting and rectifying problems that crop up from time to time. Now, the employment opportunities are not limited to Kerala alone. Developmental activities are going on all over India. Therefore, those that complete the fire protection engineering course offered by IASE can be employed anywhere in India. In fact, job opportunities are plentiful even in other countries where the usage of fire protection system installations is much more compared to that in India.


    Why Choose IASE


    Without a doubt, IASE is the best fire protection training institute in Kerala. The institute boasts of having a team of experienced and expert professionals for handling classroom and practical hands-on training sessions of the fire and safety course. Furthermore, IASE offers 100 percent assistance to all their students. Over the years, IASE has built strong relationships with major manufacturers of fire and safety equipment, and companies operating in various industrial sectors that need fire protection systems, and construction companies not only in India but also outside the country, especially in the Middle East. Whenever vacancies arise in these organizations or in those that they have built relationships with, they notify IASE. This is a hugely positive aspect of IASE as each student that completes the fire protection engineering course will be able to bag a well-paid job in the field.


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