• Fire alarm technician courses in Kottayam


    What is a fire alarm?

    A fire alarm works on smoke detection. Whenever there is a fire or smoke is detected, the fire alarm alerts people about it. In case of smoke or small fires, usually, people can turn off the device which is causing it or use the fire extinguisher to control the fire. But when an uncontrollable fire occurs, the building is evacuated and further measures are adopted.

    What are the advantages of fire alarms?


    A fire alarm is one of the most important requirements these days in every building. Especially in multi-storied buildings, fire alarms are mandatory as it will be hard to evacuate people in a huge building after the fire has spread on. In almost all the developed countries fire alarms are hence strictly mandatory.  The primary advantage of a fire alarm is easy detection of fire. Besides that lives can be saved and damage to infrastructure can be reduced by installing fire alarm are the other benefits.

    Are there fire alarm courses in Kottayam?


    Yes. Even though courses in fire alarms are comparatively new in the field, there are very good professional Fire Alarm courses in Kottayam.  Apart from theory learning modules, Fire Alarm training in Kottayam is also available.


    Which is the best Fire Alarm training institute in Kottayam?

    IASE (Institute of Advanced Studies in Engineering) is an excellent institution for providing advanced courses in technology and engineering field. Whoever looking forward to improving their skills in the field of engineering can find IASE as the best place to do so.


    What is the duration of the Fire Alarm Training course?

    The fire alarm training course in Kottayam provided by IASE which is the best Fire Alarm training institute in Kottayam offers regular and crash courses for the students. 50 hours are required to finish the program. For regular students, on weekdays 2 hours classes are conducted per day.  For a student who has already graduated in electronics and electrical subject areas, crash courses are provided. It will consume an only very lesser number of hours.


    Will there be a certificate issued after course completion? >

    Once the course is over after completing the modules, there is a trade test conducted by STEAD council. The student who passes by meeting the requirement will receive an Embassy attestable certificate. This will be very beneficial to the students are looking for Fire alarm vacancies abroad.   Along with Job training Course certificate to students to get jobs easily, an experience certificate is also provided through the premier institutions which undertakes fire alarm projects if the criteria are met.


    Will there be a placement guarantee for the students?

    IASE offers 100% Placement assistance for all the students who have successfully completed the Fire Alarm course in Kottayam.  With the increase in population density and urbanization, people are looking for safe places to live and visit. Fire prevention and control is one of the important areas every realtor is careful about. Having excellence in this field can definitely increase your opportunities for having a better career.  IASE is the best fire alarm training institute in Kottayam providing professional training in this area.


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