• Fire alarm technician courses in Kerala

    What is a fire alarm? How does it work?

    These days everybody hears about fire alarms quite often. What are they? And how do they work? A fire alarm is an electronic fire detection system which alerts people about the detection of smoke or fire in the building. Once the presence of fire, carbon monoxide or smoke is detected in the vicinity as programmed, with the help of sensors the fire alarms will detect it and will switch on the audio-visual alarms. Thus alerts will be sent to the public in order to take the necessary steps including evacuation if necessary. If the fire alarm is programmed accordingly, alerts can also be sent to the fire and safety department. If the structure of a building is more complex in the case of commercial office outlets or malls, upon the detection of fire or the presence of carbon monoxide at strategic locations within the building, the fire alarm will be activated and as per the configuration of the devices in the building, and it will send alert to the concerned departments and occupants through various communication methods. In this way, fire alarm reduces the risk of fire and ensures safety.

    What is a fire alarm course in Kerala?

    As mentioned above, fire alarms identify fire or smoke in the building with the help of sensors. Thus installation of fire alarms can save lives, protect properties, reduce damages and prevent risks. But it does not happen without proper installation or maintenance. For the effective working of fire alarms, there needs a strict maintenance schedule to be followed.

    A fire alarm course will cover interfacing with access control, remote signalling options, understanding how a system should be zoned, zone isolators and when to fit them, programming addressable systems, how to correctly calculate battery time, how to limit unwatched activations, health and safety considerations, hands-on workshop activities and emergency lighting systems, the study of planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance of fire alarm system.

    Is there any scope for fire alarm training course in Kerala?

    By making it mandatory that there need to be fire alarms in all the multi-story buildings, there has been a significant increase in the sales and service of fire alarms. But there experiences significant unavailability in finding suitable employees who are qualified, trained and skilled to install, monitor and maintain the fire alarms. It is significant because at the moment there are less number of specialists in this field in Kerala. Hence you can notice an increased scope for this domain in Kerala. Besides, once you acquire training and certifications, you can also look for jobs abroad as there are plenty of opportunities in this field overseas.

    Which is the best fire alarm training institute in Kerala?

    IASE is the best fire alarm training institute in Kerala.  IASE provides skills training for all jobs in this area such as Fire alarm system designing training, project planning, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance etc. through the fire alarm courses in Kerala. Besides the training, IASE offers the best placement support for the students in the industry once they are qualified. And students will receive certification after the test conducted by the STEAD council, which can be used even aboard if they wish to find a job of their choice.

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