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    What Is ECNR Passport?


    The state from which the most number of people are employed overseas is Kerala. That’s why the expatriates are considered as real gods in the ‘God’s Own Country’. A major part of the state’s income comes through remittances made by expatriates in foreign currency. And, this is one of the reasons why most people in Kerala have a passport. They apply for a passport even if they have no plans of going abroad. However, many do not know ‘What is ECR passport?’ or ‘What is ECNR passport?’ In India, three types of passports are issued. They are:


    • Regular passport
    • Official passport
    • Diplomatic passport

    Most people have a regular passport with them. The regular passport is subdivided into ECR passportand ECNR passport.


    What Is ECR Passport?


    ECR expands to ‘Emigration Check Required’. This concept was introduced as part of the Emigration Act 1983. On the other hand, ECNR expands to ‘Emigration Check Not Required’.


    What Is ECNR Passport?


    ECNR passports are issued to individuals who have passed the 10th standard. An emigration check is not required for individuals who possess this passport. In general, it is easier for a person who possesses an ECNR passport to take up overseas jobs than one who has an ECR passport. Individuals who are eligible for obtaining ECNR passports are those that:


    • Have passed 10th standard
    • Are below 18 years of age
    • Are above 50 years of age
    • Have lived overseas for more than three years
    • Are paying income tax consecutively for three years

    Other Aspects Related to Indian Passport


    In the passports issued between 2007 and 2012, the ECNR or ECR seal is affixed on the second page. However, this seal is affixed on the last page just above the father’s name in passports issued after 2012.

    An individual that possesses an ECR passport is required to get in touch with the emigration officer and complete an emigration check before the travel. Normally, this type of passport is issued to those that have not passed the 10th standard. That’s why the chances of these people getting duped in the name of employment are higher. Many agencies cheat these people of their money by promising better jobs in other countries. Mostly, women who are recruited for overseas jobs as domestic help are cheated by the agencies. They cheat them of their money by making them believe that they are getting better jobs, but when they reach there they often get trapped. There are many helpless women even now in foreign countries who cannot even return to their motherland. Some women have been brought back home through government intervention. Others continue to suffer in silence in those countries.

    Not only women, but even many men have fallen prey to false promises of better jobs and have suffered after reaching foreign countries. Emigration check is done to prevent people from getting cheated like this and those travelling to foreign countries have to present themselves before the emigration officer. When they go for an emigration check, the officer verifies their agreement and makes them understand as to what kind of job they will have to do, how much they will be paid, etc. The officer then obtains their confirmation as regards taking up the job. The government has instituted this procedure to prevent uneducated people from getting cheated in the name of foreign travel.

    As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India, holders of ECNR passports who are travelling from India to 18 countries have to register on the website www.emigrate.gov.in. Those who are not registered will not be allowed to travel. This rule is applicable to those who are currently employed and those that come from overseas. Those travelling to the 18 countries mentioned below, including the UAE, are required to abide by this rule. This is compulsory for ECR passport holders. They are required to renew their registration at least 24 hours before their journey. At the time of registration, they will receive an OTP either by SMS or email. They have to show this OTP at the airport. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to travel. The 18 countries included in the list are:


    • All Gulf Countries
    • Malaysia
    • Thailand
    • Sudan
    • Jordan
    • Syria
    • Afghanistan
    • Yemen
    • Indonesia
    • Lebanon
    • Iran
    • Iraq

    For any clarifications in this regard, you can get in touch with the concerned authorities on 1800 113 090 or 011 40503090. Or else, you can write to helpline@nea.gov.in.

    There are many ECR passport holders in India. They are people who have not been able to complete their 10th standard studies due to various reasons. ECNR passport holders enjoy more employment opportunities in foreign countries. That doesn’t mean ECR passport holders do not have job opportunities. They also have opportunities. Many people may find it difficult to pass their 10th exams and change their passports from ECR to the ECNR category. So, what they should do is focus on getting a better paying job with the passport they have instead of trying to change their passports. Changing their ECR passport to an ECNR passport does not guarantee a better job or salary to anyone in foreign countries.


    How To Ensure A Better Furture


    Jokingly, some people who have returned from foreign countries, especially the Gulf nations, say that there is no value for certificates in those countries. What matters is the candidate’s capability to do a job. That’s why individuals who go to those countries armed with B. Tech and M. Tech certificates are working for very low salaries. On the other hand, those who complete courses such as Fire and Safety and Lift Technology earn lakhs as salary. Is it not clear now as to what is important – whether there is ECR or ECNR stamp in your passport or what course you are doing?

    Most people in the country who have completed their studies dream of getting a government job or a better paying overseas job. It is not easy for everyone to get a government job. That’s why a large majority of people choose to go abroad and earn higher incomes. As such, those who are not very good in their studies should give more importance to learning a job-oriented course that does not cost them a fortune and then try for an overseas placement. Many good openings will come your way even if your passport has an ECR stamp on it. You can apply with necessary certificates/documents to change your passport to the ECNR category as soon as you work for three years in a foreign country.

    Job-oriented Training Courses In Idukki


    Many businesses have ended up making losses because of the natural disasters that have befallen on Kerala over the last couple of years. These natural disasters have ravaged the agriculture sector. In that respect, Idukki, the land of spices, is one such place that has suffered tremendous financial losses.

    Idukki is a place that is blessed with mountain ranges. Most people here make an earning through farming. However, over the last two years, cultivation in most parts of the Idukki district has been badly affected because of floods and other natural disasters. Most farmers have fallen into the debt trap and many of them are hesitating now to involve in agriculture because of recurring natural disasters. In these circumstances, they are forced to take up some other job or vocation. Naturally, most people will try to get an overseas job. There will be people with ECR and ECNR passports among them. There will also be people with a number of certificates in their name. However, job opportunities are more in foreign countries for people who have completed a job-oriented course. If you do an online search for the best institute for job-oriented courses, IASE’s name will come up.

    If you search using the phrases optical fiber training institutes in Idukki or fire and safety training in Idukki, then also IASE’s name comes up. This is because these are job-oriented courses. Some of the other job-oriented courses that are available in Idukki, such as the ‘Fire Alarm Training Course’ and ‘Fire and Safety Course,’ also promise a lot of job opportunities for certified candidates. These courses enable you to earn lakhs in foreign countries. Or else, you can start a service business anywhere in Kerala or India.


    Final Thoughts


    Hopefully, you must now be very clear as to ‘What is ECR passport?’ or ‘What is ECNR passport?’ IASE, the best institute in Kerala, makes job-oriented courses available in Idukki. The institute offers courses that are suitable for both ECR and ECNR passport holders. In general, all courses offered by IASE fall under the ECNR passport category.

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