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    After +2 what to study?” is the most searched question on Google by students who have completed their +2 examinations. Google cannot decide what new courses you could take up but you can gather a lot of information about new courses after +2 and the employment opportunities they offer using the search engine.


    However, you must choose a course that suits your abilities, financial situation, and interests. It is also important to ensure that the course is in line with the modern trends and offers sufficient employment opportunities. If you choose a course that promises equal employment opportunities in India and abroad, you, your family, and your society will be benefited because of your education.


    Students contending with financial challenges can consider joining a training course with part time job. They may do part-time jobs and earn while completing their studies. This way they can earn some money and get work experience as well. IASE is one of the leading institutions in Kerala that offers such courses. 


    Further, IASE assures 100 percent placement to the students that enroll for various courses it offers. Read on to know more about these courses.


    CCTV Work Training Course


    CCTV expands to Closed Circuit Television. CCTV training course opens up a lot of job opportunities both within and outside the country. In India, CCTVs have become immensely popular within a short period of time and are being installed in the homes of ordinary people.


    This has led to the generation of a large number of employment options. Those that complete a CCTV training courses after +2 can find a good job within India or even in a foreign country. If you are a resident of Kerala or a nearby state, you can register for a course in IASE, the best CCTV training institute in Trivandrum.


    The specialty of this field is that technology keeps changing at a rapid pace. As a result, CCTV systems have to be upgraded with the latest systems once in 4 to 5 years. This also contributes to further enhancing the employment opportunity. Today, products of all international CCTV brands are available in India. CCTV cameras have been installed in the ATM/CDM counters of all major banks in India.


    All the CCTVs have been installed and maintained on a contract basis by companies based in New Delhi or Mumbai. After the warranty period expires, these cameras have to be maintained to ensure that they are in good working condition. It is not economical for companies that installed the CCTV systems to send their technicians from Delhi or Mumbai to rectify minor complaints that can crop up at any time.


    If you acquire the required skills by undergoing a CCTV training course, you can contact these companies and sign an agreement to provide maintenance and customer support services to their customers in Kerala. This enables you to be profitably self-employed or have a rewarding business of your own. All said and done, the course offered by IASE, the best CCTV training institute in Kerala, promises a bright future to all those that successfully complete the course.


    Fire Alarm Training Course


    All commercial and industrial establishments are required to install fire alarm systems on their premises and obtain the approval of the Fire and Safety Department before they can start their operations. There are many companies in Kerala that take up turnkey contracts for the installation of new fire alarm systems with fire sprinklers, fire hydrant systems, and fire extinguishers.


    As part of the contract, they also organize inspections for obtaining the required approval which would allow the company to start its operations. It is not enough to just install various fire control systems. They need to be periodically inspected and maintained. Companies that take up inspection and maintenance contracts present plenty of job opportunities to technicians who have successfully completed a fire and safety course.     


    After completing a fire alarm training courses after +2 and gaining hands-on experience for 3 or 4 years, you can even start your own company that provides inspection and maintenance services. In Kerala, fire accidents often happen in multi-storeyed buildings. Such fire accidents often cause huge financial losses as well as loss of human lives.


    As a result, the Fire and Safety Department has started ensuring strict compliance with rules. This has contributed to increasing employment opportunities in this field. Students that are weak in their studies but have passed their SSLC to +2 examinations can enroll in this low-cost course. Once they successfully complete this job training coursefire alarm training course”, they are assured of getting a job.


    Industrialization is progressing at a very fast pace in India, the 5th largest economy in the world. India is growing by leaps and bounds and in the next 10 years, it is confirmed that there will be plenty of employment opportunities in this field. Fire alarm training course is one of the best job training courses for plus two holders.


    BMS Training Course


    Fire protection systems, access control systems, vehicle parking systems, and security systems installed in IT parks, shopping malls, and star hotels are controlled from a centralized control room. This is what is referred to as the Building Management System or BMS.


    Electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, fire hydrant systems, access control systems, visitor management systems, and HVAC control systems installed in buildings are managed from BMS control rooms. Modern BMS systems help to reduce the maintenance cost of buildings. In modern buildings, even lighting and air conditioning systems are being completely controlled with the help of sensors. This helps reduce the wastage of energy and, in turn, cuts maintenance costs.


    The reduction in electricity charges helps in quickly recovering the money invested for installing a BMS system. In the BMS training course, you get to learn everything about building management systems. BMS training, a new generation job training course for +2 pass students, opens up a lot of employment opportunities.


    H.V.A.C Training Course


    HVAC expands to Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning. A short-term job training HVAC course promises job opportunities in India and other countries around the world, especially the Middle East.


    Plenty of job opportunities are available to students who complete an HVAC training courses after +2  in companies such as refrigeration equipment manufacturers, ice plant manufacturers, ice cube machine manufacturers, air condition and refrigerant system installers, dairy plants, ice cream plants, centralized air conditioning system installation contractors, industrial cold storages, hospitals, and shopping malls. 


    Like in any other country, plenty of employment opportunities are available in India too to those that do a course and get certified. That is why the HVAC course is the best course for +2 holders. HVAC course is the modernized name of the AC mechanic course.


    Fire & Safety Training Course


    If you undergo a fire & safety course, you can get employed in oil refineries, oil rigs, LPG/CNG storage facilities or bottling plants, airports, shipyards, or even in construction sites.  You will be attached to the Health, Safety, & Environment Department of these companies.


    If you are employed in the construction industry, you will be responsible for ensuring that those working in large construction projects are implementing and abiding by the specified safety standards. This is to ensure the protection of both human lives and properties.


    Moreover, you will also be responsible for the setting up and maintenance of different types of fire prevention and protection equipment installed on the premises. Other job responsibilities include the development of evacuation plans in the event of a fire breaking out in these factories, conduct of mock drills, and ensuring that the fire protection equipment installed in the premises are in good working condition through periodic inspections.


    These are all some of the jobs that those who work in the field after completing a course at a Fire & Safety Training Institute.


    The syllabus of the fire and safety training course includes modules that enable you to understand the working, installation, and maintenance of analogue & addressable fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, pumps attached to these systems, and diesel engines. Those that are capable of handling such jobs with ease will be highly benefited because of the huge employment opportunities available to them both within India and outside the country.


    As the fire & safety training course has more hands-on sessions than theoretical studies, it is one of the best courses for +2 failed students.

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