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CCTV is the short form of Closed Circuit Television. All over the world, CCTV is extensively used for crime prevention, quality control, productivity improvement, traffic enforcement etc.CCTV has also been featured in all levels of implementation such as airports, hospitals, factories, banks, schools, theatres, national highways, police stations etc. Due to security reasons, all of these are made mandatory by government order. Hence the job vacancies for CCTV technicians are increasing day by day. Due to the rapid change in technology, over the course of four to five years, CCTV observation system is needed to be upgraded. New CCTV camera work training, existing CCTV system maintenance training, CCTV system configuration training and CCTV equipment training, in this way CCTV is a huge division in the electronic security system equipment training segment. Threats from terrorists and other assailants around the globe are getting worse. In order to counter these threats, strong protective measures have to be taken. Hence the job security of CCTV technician is very high. The number of professional CCTV training institutes in Kerala are very few and the main problem CCTV industry facing at present is the inadequate number of trained CCTV professionals. In a country where economic downturn exists, it loses the employment of its people and turning them to violence. To get protection from this, the CCTV system is installed almost everywhere and the CCTV technicians are increasingly needed. This will ensure the job security of CCTV technicians during the recession.

CCTV jobs are one of the most demanded jobs in Gulf countries. CCTV cameras are widely used in Gulf countries especially in prominent sectors such as oil wells, refineries, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, traffic enforcement etc. Hence CCTV technician vacancies in Gulf countries are very high. The CCTV business in Gulf countries is done mostly by Indians, specifically Keralites. Hence for CCTV Technician jobs in Gulf countries, preference is always given for Malayalis. The salary of a CCTV technician in India depends upon their basic qualification, experience, and capability. Fresh candidates will get around Rs.8000/M to Rs.10000/M for CCTV technician job in India, while in gulf countries the salary will be doubled and would be able to get a minimum of Rs.22000/M. An experienced CCTV technician will get a monthly salary of around Rs.18000/M to Rs.20000/M, however, the salary of CCTV technician in Gulf countries will be from Rs.25000/M to Rs.60000/M The salary will vary depending upon the basic qualification, capability, and experience of the technician.CCTV is an electronics related industry that has a lot of job opportunities in India and abroad. It is the fastest growing industry compared to many other industries. With many treacherous cases becoming clear through CCTV footages, CCTV has become standard equipment in homes also. With this, there was a huge increase in employment opportunities in this segment, and it created a vacuum in our country and abroad for CCTV installation technician training received professionally trained technicians. It is certain that this growth in the CCTV industry continues to be for a long period of time. In England, one CCTV for every ten people is the ratio maintained, but in our country, it is as low as one camera per 2.6 Lakh people. The figures show that in a fast-growing country like India will quite certainly have huge opportunities for those who learn from the Best CCTV training course in Trivandrum Kerala in this area. Students who have successfully completed professional training at IASE can achieve high salaried jobs abroad with the practical training of a short period. IASE is Kerala’s best CCTV training in Trivandrum Kerala with a very large number of students working in India and abroad. IASE offers short-term job training courses in Kerala with 100% placement assistance. Our professional CCTV training centre in Kerala providing CCTV training course in Trivandrum has helped students to pursue a good career all over the world. The CCTV training course in Trivandrum,¬† Kerala offered by IASE is of two months duration. It is the course with the biggest job opportunity in CCTV training institutes in Kerala. Those who study this course have chances in India, the Gulf countries, European countries and Australia. Thus CCTV training is a hot favorite among job oriented courses in Trivandrum, Kerala which is easy to understand for even those they are backward in studies.

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Due to the increased need for security systems in setups like malls, hospitals, offices, industrial areas, flats and even in homes, CCTV systems are in high demand all over the world. Apart from ensuring security, CCTVs are also used to improve quality & productivity as well as to monitor the enforcement of traffic rules. All these have generated numerous job opportunities in CCTV technology in India and especially abroad. But to utilise this opportunity, one should get trained to become an efficient CCTV technician by attending a CCTV training course in a leading institute like IASE Kerala. IASE has several branches all around Kerala with its headquarters in Trivandrum, which will be easily accessible for candidates from Varkala, Attingal, Nedumangad, Neyyattinkara, Parassala, Marthandam, Vithura, Kattakada, Vellarada, and Poovar to attend their training.

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