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What is High Voltage Cable Jointing and Termination?


Cable drums transport cables from factories to work sites, and then professional cable jointers attach the lines once the cable arrives.


A high-voltage cable is one that is used to transmit high-voltage electric power. A conductor and insulator make up a cable. Cables are thought to be completely insulated. This means they have a complete insulation system that includes insulation, semiconductor layers, and a metallic shield.


High voltage cable joints with a thick wall heat shrink tubing and an interior adhesive liner are used for underground cable joints to provide a good moisture seal and corrosion protection. A strong over sheath is required for cable laying processes, as it must withstand extreme mechanical stress during installation and during the life of the cable. Because AC can no longer be used at distances greater than 100 km, several high voltage cables are used for DC undersea connections.


What is the scope of the High Voltage Cable Jointing Job?


The need for high-voltage transformers has grown as a result of a number of causes. The development of high-capacity, long-distance corridors to transmit electricity to high-demand areas, as well as green energy corridors to integrate the growing input of renewable energy into the grid, are driving this demand. With reference to EHV substations in a system, parameters such as total load to be catered to by the substation of a certain voltage, MVA capacity, and the number of feeders authorized must be considered. Additional substations will be required to strengthen the transmission network and minimize overloading of the existing system, as well as the adoption of higher voltages in the future.


India is set to commission the world’s highest voltage power system in the near future. As a result, cable jointing technicians will be in high demand in refineries, substations, and power generation plants such as nuclear, hydroelectric, and thermal. Electrical contracting companies, electrical maintenance companies, state electricity boards, and other companies will hire cable joining technicians. Cable jointers with experience might also find a job in European countries. Furthermore, the scope of high voltage cable jointing is huge.


High-voltage cable joining has a lot of potential. As a result, if you’re thinking about taking a course in this field, you’re on the right track. There are a number of  cable jointing training institutes in India from which to pick, all of which will give you with the information you need to start a career in this sector.

What is the salary of the High Voltage Cable Jointing technician?


A cable joining technician’s average salary in India ranges from INR 1.50 lakhs to INR 2 lakhs. In Europe, however, the average salary for a cable jointing technician is approximately INR 3 to 4 lakhs. As a result, it’s important to select the best cable jointing training institute in India. Because you can learn and earn more at a reputable institution.

Now let’s look at how you can become a high-voltage cable jointing technician to ensure you get the greatest outcomes. Also, make yourself stand. out from the competition.


How can I become a Cable Jointing technician?


A  cable jointing training course from a cable jointing training institute is required to become a cable jointing technician with advanced skills and capabilities in cable jointing. You can take a series of advanced high voltage cable jointing courses to enhance your knowledge and make yourself more appealing to a possible employer. There are several sorts of high voltage cable jointing courses that vary slightly from different training institutes.


Courses in high-voltage cable jointing offer hands-on training and can help you prepare for advanced abilities. These classes cover technical knowledge, theories, and practical applications. Furthermore, the fees of cable jointing training at these institutes is reasonable.


The High voltage cable jointing and termination course is open to ITI electricians, ITI wireman, and polytechnic diploma holders in electrical.


Where can I study Cable Jointing?


It’s one of the most perplexing questions that most people have to deal with. As a result, we’ve got an answer just for you.


Certification from one of the best cable joint training institutes in India is commonly recommended. Completing training at the best High voltage cable jointing and termination training institution will pave the road for a brighter future, complete with a good job and a good salary.


There are a number of reputable high-voltage cable jointing and termination institutes through which to choose. Kerala boasts a huge number of outstanding educational institutions if you choose to study there. Continue reading to find out where you can get  the best cable jointing and termination training course.


Which is the best  Cable Joint training Institute?


One of the best cable joint training institutes in Kerala provides a short term training course which can lead to a brighter future, a better career, and better salary. Choosing one from a big list of the best, on the other hand, is a difficult task. As a result, we’ve made decision-making easier for you.


The IASE (Institute of Advanced Studies in Engineering) is one of the best cable joint training institutes in Kerala. The institute employs cutting-edge educational methods to assist you in improving your comprehension and, as a result, achieving a brighter future. If you have an IASE qualification, you will have additional career prospects. The Houston I.A.O. has granted IASE accreditation. As a result, students will have an easier time finding jobs, and their qualifications will be verifiable online. After completing the course at the best high voltage cable jointing and termination training institute students will take a trade exam and receive an Embassy attestable certification, allowing them to work in a variety of countries.


Cable joint training in Trivandrum will help you get expertise and land the job you want. They provide hands-on training under the supervision of expert lecturers. They also provide top educational institutions to assist you in understanding and passing all courses. The same educational facilities are available for cable joint training in Thrissur.



Why put it off any longer? Before it’s too late, enroll in the top training institute right now and take the first step toward a brighter future.


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