• Cable Jointing Trainer Course In Kerala

    Cable Jointing Trainer Course


    Are you looking to become a certified low-voltage and high-voltage cable jointer? Are you looking to build a career as a cable jointer in a government or private sector organization? Then, you must attend a cable jointing trainer course offered by one of the best cable jointing training institutes in India to fulfill your dreams.


    Urban power networks are being expanded rapidly to meet the increased power demand due to infrastructural and other development activities. Overhead line systems are facing serious challenges such as availability of space and safety issues and are unable to ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers. As a result, authorities are forced to develop underground cable networks and replace overhead lines over time. This means that there will be a huge demand for certified and skilled cable jointers for some time to come.


    Institute for Advanced Studies in Engineering (IASE)


    If you are a resident of Kerala, the southern-most state of India, or one of the neighbouring states, you can register for a cable jointer trainer course offered by IASE including certification, the best cable jointing training institute in Kerala. The cable jointing course offered by IASE is a short-term job-oriented course that helps you to improve your skills in making high-quality and reliable cable joints that enhance the reliability of power networks. As a certified cable jointing technician, you will be able to get employed in any of the power companies operating in the government or private sector. You can also start your own business and offer cable jointing services to various organizations.


    Overview of IASE’s Cable Jointing Trainer Course


    Anyone who has passed the higher secondary or Plus 2 examination is eligible to join the course. Of course, you should have a good physique and be able to perform the cable jointing work individually in the field. Though the course involves a few classroom sessions, the focus is more on providing hands-on training to the students as this is what will ultimately help them acquire the required skills. At the end of the training programme, you will be capable of terminating cables with suitable connectors in the right manner and make reliable joints in low, medium, and high voltage cables.


    The cable jointer training course covers aspects such as the construction of cables, preparation of cables, and installation of heat or cold shrink push at terminations, separable connectors, and cable jointing. You will also learn about electric stress and the different methods you can use to deal with the same. Further, you will get a clear understanding as to what can go wrong if the installation is incorrect; how low, medium, and high voltage products are manufactured; and how you should handle them.  


    On successful completion of the cable jointing trainer course, IASE will provide you with a certificate that entitles you to get placed in a reputed company in India or abroad that pays you well. You will work as a skilled cable jointing technician and you can build your career in the organization.


    Cable Jointer – Job Role


    As a person responsible for the installation of de-energized underground cables, you will have to prepare the cable, terminate the cable, make the joint, and then test the cable. Cable installation also involves making straight joints as well as tee joints, and pole top, pillar, and switchgear terminations. The knowledge you gain by attending the cable jointing hands-on training course at IASE will help you quickly understand the construction and characteristics of the cable, decide the cable handling technique you should follow keeping in mind the manufacturer’s instructions, and employ the cable installation techniques.


    As you are also briefed about the safety standards, industry practices, codes of practices, and workplace risks and hazards, you will be well equipped to perform well in your job. Safety aspects also include training in the proper use of your hands, power tools, specialized tools, other and equipment while installing cables according to regulatory requirements.


    Guaranteed Placement Assistance – IASE’s Unique Feature


    This is one of the unique benefits of studying the cable jointing trainer course at IASE which boasts of having the most modern training facility. IASE guarantees 100 percent placement assistance. The reason behind this is that IASE has entered into a working arrangement with some of the top companies in the field, especially in India and the Gulf countries. As and when vacancies for cable jointers arise in these companies, they send notifications to IASE requesting them to send suitable candidates. This is beneficial to you because the chances of you getting placed in a well-paid job in a top company are very high.


    Furthermore, IASE offers high-quality training. The training sessions are handled by professionals from the industry who have the innate ability to make the training programme not only interesting but also highly effective. For more information as regards the course, call IASE today!


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