Building Management System (BMS) courses in Kerala, Trivandrum

Ever wondered about courses in BMS or  building management system course in Kerala? Confused about what it is or about the opportunities? IASE Building Management System course training institute in Kerala can help to break it down for you!

What is BMS?

BMS is the abbreviation of building management system which is also called a building automation system (BAS). Building management systems are most commonly implemented in large projects with extensive mechanical, HVAC, and electrical systems.  It is a computer-based control system installed in buildings for controlling and monitoring the working of electrical and mechanical systems which include the fire alarm system, internal and external power control, security mechanisms and ventilation in the building. Around forty percent of a building’s energy usage is usually represented by the systems linked to BMS normally, but if lighting also is included, a BMS system will show around seventy percent representations. It is important to have proper installation maintenance of the BMS systems as it has a big role in energy management in the building. If not properly configured or maintained, it can create a demand for more than twenty percent of additional energy. In order to monitor and control, the building management system has both software and hardware applications and programs associated with it. They are usually configured in a hierarchical manner. Nowadays there are vendors developing such BMS with the help of IP and SOAP, Modbus, LonWorks etc.

What are the benefits of BMS?

The key benefit that BMS systems can offer for a building is optimal energy utilization. Because, with proper installation, configuration, and maintenance, BMS systems can monitor energy consumption. It also provides the individual room control possibility which in case of large buildings with multiple floors and any numbers of rooms is necessary. Besides, when it comes to staff, with the installation of BMS technique like CCTV, performance, and activities can be monitored which in turn will lead to more productivity. Also, the companies will be able to deal with HVAC related complaints easily with the help of BMS systems.

What is the relevance of Building management system Course in Kerala?

Unlike in foreign nations, Kerala does not have the history and practice of building management systems. The state is still in its early stages of installation and configuration of such systems. With the increased industrialization and urbanization noticed in almost all the districts, it is no doubt that there will be an increased need for building management systems in the commercial as well as residential areas of the state. Hence, BMS training in Kerala has its relevance as companies and individuals are looking for trained professionals than beginners to entrust with their BMS. CCTV, Fire alarm, Access control, Electronic Security System, Public Address System, Video Door Phone, EPABX, Video Conferencing System, Voice Logger, RFID Systems, Boom Barrier, Gate Automation, Time Attendance Systems, Home Automation, LCD Projector and Home Theatre are some of the modules included in the BMS training in Kerala by IASE. Besides Building management system course in Kerala, IASE also conducts individual CCTV courses and Fire Alarm Training

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