Building Management System (BMS) training course in Trivandrum

What is Building Management System (BMS) system?

Before selecting the best Building Management System – BMS training course in Trivandrum we need to understand what a BMS system is:

The security and automation related components in today’s modern buildings such as CCTV monitoring, Fire Alarm & fire suppression, Electronic security, HVAC, Access control, Public address system and Parking control are concentrated in a control room. This control and monitoring system is called BMS or in other words Building Management System. From this control room, one can monitor, control and manage all operations of the building. At the same time protecting the building and those out there from external attacks and optimizing the electricity consumption through efficiently controlling the systems such as fire detection, automatic fire suppression, visitor management, access control of employees, lighting and air condition etc is also some of the duties of a BMS System. When a fire occurs in the building, as preprogrammed ventilation will stop in the building, preventing fire and smoke spreading, the elevators will be dropped, the doors of the building will be opened and thus providing relief is also one of the functions of BMS. There is a huge number of job opportunities in India and abroad for those BMS technicians,   who have undergone BMS training course  from BMS training institutes in Kerala. After completing BMS course salary for BMS Technicians are also high.


BMS Training Course in Trivandrum – Details


In BMS training course in Trivandrum syllabus, HOME automation training is also incorporated in BMS course subjects. There is a lot of job prospects for the Building Automation training for B.Tech holders course. This includes training in electronic consumer protection tools such as CCTV, Fire alarm, Access control, Fibre optics, Home security system, EPABX, Video door phone, Biometrics, Sensor doors, Time attendance system, Solar power, HVAC controls ,Gate automation, Boom barrier, LCD projector, Public address system, Home theater system, Fire sprinkler, Fire suppression, PS Tracking, Vehicle security system and Home automation training. Since getting security equipment training in around twenty items, getting a job is an easy task for those who have undergone BMS job training in Kerala. It reduces Manpower Requirements in Building through BMS System Automation and reduces the maintenance cost of the building with the use of sensor-based automation control systems. By reducing the rising costs of the day, the BMS system will pay back the amount spent on installation of the BMS system. Therefore, the popularity of these and job opportunities of BMS technicians, engineers also increases rapidly. Home automation is a small edition of Building automation, and homes which are set up with this can be monitored and automated through mobile phones. Home automation is used for CCTV monitoring, security alarm, lighting and irrigation control of homes. Homes with Automatic gate system installation in Trivandrum can be opened and closed through a mobile phone. Home Automation and building automation are related to each other. In modern buildings such as Star hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, Data Centre, IT parks, server rooms and green rated buildings will have a lot of vacancies of BMS technicians coming. Due to these reasons, those who have successfully completed BMS training course in Trivandrum from the best BMS training centre in Kerala will have numerous BMS engineer job opportunities in India and abroad day by day. To become a BMS Engineer, one can select BMS training institute in Trivandrum for advanced learning. Candidates fromNedumangad, Kattakada, Vellarada, Neyyattinkara, Attingal, Varkala, Parassala, Marthandam, Vithura and Poovar are finding it’s convenient for doing BMS course at IASE Trivandrun. It is a big opportunity for Trivandrum natives to build a smart career by learning Building Management System course at IASE Trivandrum. The time will come shortly where home automation systems will be there in all homes. With those days come when every house has a home automation system, job opportunities for Automation engineer will increase exponentially. Studies are indicating that in the coming decade it is one of the areas which will offer the largest of employment opportunities. Hence studying at a leading automation training institute in Kerala will be a very good decision.


What is BMS Course?


The following topics are included in the BMS training course in Trivandrum.


All relevant things required in a CCTV observation system is incorporated in this CCTV training course. All instruments in this area such as Analog & IP cameras, DVR, NVR, Various types of cameras, Configuration, PTZ cameras, Wireless video transmission, Video transmission over Optical fibre, cloud storage, Data recovery and its installation, configuration, and maintenance are incorporated in this CCTV technician training course in Kerala.

Fire alarm

Everything that matters in a Fire alarm system is incorporated in this Fire alarm training course. Analog & addressable fire alarm panels, various types of sensors & detectors, planning, cabling, installation, Configuration and maintenance of fire alarm are included in this fire alarm training course in Kerala.

Access control

Everything that matters in an Access Control System is incorporated in this BMS training course in Trivandrum. Installation of various types of door locks, readers, controllers, programming and maintenance of access control systems etc are incorporated in this BMS training institute in Kerala syllabus.

Electronic Security System.

The Planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance of wired security systems and wireless security systems are included in this BMS Training course in Kollam, Kottayam. Installation of various types of sensors, panels, programming, and maintenance of various types of electronic security system etc are incorporated in this BMS training course in Trivandrum syllabus.

Public Address System

Public address system is an electronic system consisting of mike, amplifier mixer, and speakers used to talk with people in airports, schools, hospitals etc. The installation and configuration of various microphones, amplifiers, mixer, and speakers are taught here. All things in this field are included in the Public address system syllabus of the best BMS training institute in Kerala.

Video Door Phone

Video door phone is an electronic device for viewing and interacting with the outsiders while sitting inside of houses, apartments, etc. Installation and programming of this system are taught here. For interested candidates, onsite training is also provided at BMS training center in Malappuram, Kerala.


EPABX means Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. This is a small telephone exchange used for an office or internal communications in a building. Here planning, installation, programming and maintenance of it is taught. In this, BMS training center in Thrissur, Kerala interested candidates are provided with onsite training also.

Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing is the audiovisual communication between two or more people from different angles of the world. Videoconferencing is widely used in corporate offices in major institutions ranging from jails and courtrooms. Kerala’s best BMS training institute IASE is providing job placement for the interested parties in this segment.

Voice Logger

Voice logger is an instrument or program designed to store audio information from telephones and microphones to hard disks or removable storage devices. Audio files from voice logger are used for inquiry management, customer service quality improvement and dispute resolution in institutions. The theory and practical training in this segment are provided by the BMS training institutes in Kannur, Kerala.

RFID Systems

RFID means Radio frequency Identification Device. RFID tags are widely used for access control systems, anti-shoplifting systems, Vehicle management, asset management and library management systems. Boom barrier dealers in Trivandrum are widely using RFID based parking system for their projects. Here the RFID tags, installations, readers, and controllers are taught. BMS training institutes in Calicut, Kerala provides theory and practical training in this area.

Boom Barrier

The boom barrier is used to control vehicles entering the apartments, shopping malls, parking areas etc. Boom barrier dealers in Trivandrum uses either RFID based parking control or remote control for the access control of vehicles. Here its practical training is provided by the boom barrier suppliers in Trivandrum. This long-term relationship helps all students a placement guarantee after course completion.

Gate Automation

Automatic gate system Trivandrum is used to open and close gates of homes, apartments, etc with remote control by sitting in the vehicle. Leading automatic gate dealers in Trivandrum are providing the practical training here. This is widely used in their projects by remote control gate dealers in Trivandrum. Students who have successfully completed their training here are recruited to their institutions by Remote controlled gate suppliers in Trivandrum.

Time Attendance Systems

Time Attendance System is used to mark attendance of staff with fingerprint reading or RFID card and can be used to generate different data reports also subsequently. This also helps not only to reduce cost but also help in dealing with attendance in many locations to be handled in a centralized way. The HR Department can use the data to evaluate the employee’s performance skills and prepare salaries with the help of software. Here in Leading BMS training centre in Kerala provides the installation and programming training of Time Attendance System

Home Automation

In today’s modern home security, monitoring, lighting, irrigation control and automation can be controlled by a smartphone from anywhere in the world. This is called home automation. It teaches various types of sensors, control panels, installation, programming, and maintenance. IASE is Kerala’s best automation training institute with 100% placement assistance.

LCD Projector

LCD Projector is an electronic device for displaying video, image and computer data through a screen. They are widely used in the corporate office of big companies, home theater, and smart classrooms. BMS training institutes in Kannur, Kerala provides installation and programming training of LCD Projectors.

Home Theatre

Home theater is used for viewing movies with the same quality of viewing movies in multiplexes at home. Home Theatre systems with price ranging from twenty-five thousand to twenty-five lakhs are available in the market. Dolby Atmos is the latest technology in this segment. The Home Theatre system planning installation and configurations are taught here.BMS training institutes in Kotayam, Kerala provides installation and programming training of LCD Projectors.

HVAC Basics.

HVAC Training in Kerala is the study about heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Here, how to effectively control an HVAC system using a building management system is taught. In HVAC Training basics, the control of various sensors and thermostat using BMS is taught. In today’s modern buildings HVAC parameters such as temperate, airflow, humidity etc are controlled by BMS.BMS training institutes in Kannur, Kerala provides installation and programming training of LCD Projectors.

Fire Suppression Basics

Today’s modern buildings are all set up by automatic fire suppression systems. When the heat or the smoke come out in a small way, using a variety of sensors to detect them and through the instructions from the control unit, opening the clean agent gas cylinders and allow the flow of clean agent gas through the pipelines at high pressure to extinguish the fire is its function. Automatic fire suppression has become a common practice in banks, server rooms, currency chests etc.

Optical Fiber Training

The optical fiber is the live nerve of telecommunication, data network, and television. Optical fiber provides fast data transmissions. Through optical fibre cables, signals are traveled at a speed of 200,000 Kilometer per second. Fibre optic technician’s service is being used to expand the telecommunication network to new area and change existing lines or maintenance of optical fibre cables. This is a sector where one needs a lot of technical expertise. Optical fibre technicians must take expertise in cable termination, splicing, connectorization and troubleshooting using testing tools. Here comes the importance of optical fiber training institutes in Kerala.Solutions to solving the signal problems are also solved by them. For telecommunication companies, in order to install, commission and maintain optical fiber cable, it is essential to have fiber optic training undergone fibre optic technicians. The optical fiber technician studied from Fiber optic technician training institute in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Kerala will be able to do optical fiber splicing of new cable, networking, commissioning and complaint rectification of optical fiber cables. Optical fiber cable is used for monitoring gas and ocean pipelines. From small cable TV providers in our country to multinational companies that make up the international optical fibre network through oceans are also making use of services of optical fiber technicians studied from Fibre optical technician training institute in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kerala. will be able to do optical fiber splicing of new cable, networking, commissioning and complaint rectification of optical fiber cables. Optical fiber cable is used for monitoring gas and ocean pipelines. From small cable TV providers in our country to multinational companies that make up the international optical fibre network through oceans are also making use of services of optical fiber technicians studied from Fibre optical technician training institute in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kerala.

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