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    Plus two is often considered the turning point in your academic life, as it decides the course you could further enrol in and the career you would possibly choose. There are various professional courses that students choose after plus two, but what happens once a student fails the examination? It is believed that one’s life is ruined when they fail the +2 exam as they wouldn’t be able to enrol in any of the widely accepted courses. Let us tell you that this is a misconception and there are many career opportunities and job training courses for +2 failed students. Here are some of the courses offered by the best training centres in Kerala which could offer you a great career with good job opportunities and remuneration.


    Below are some of the best courses for +2 failed students:


    CCTV  Training Course


    With the increase in the number of fraudulent activities, robbery, kidnaps, theft and many other safety issues, the need for video surveillance systems have also increased. From public places to residential buildings and independent houses, there is a dire need of CCTV to monitor activities around the area. The demand is high across the world, but the number of technicians who could install, maintain and monitor such systems are far less. The high demanding CCTV installation and maintenance provides you with job opportunities in India and abroad. There are various CCTC training centres in Kerala  that provide immense knowledge and opportunities in the field. Once you learn the course, these centres also provide placements across the world, through which you could find jobs that pay you well.


    Fire Alarm Training Course


    Your qualification does not matter to learn fire alarm courses as long as you are interested and aware of the opportunities. Fire alarm is an electronic fire detection system that alerts people about the presence of fire or smoke in the building. It may seem like an easy job to do, but fire alarm installation involves many processes including project planning as per national building codes and international safety standards. Understanding how a system should be zoned, where the sensors have to be fixed and  what types of sensors are to be provided in each zone  and much more. The fire alarm installation and maintenance course allows you to understand the technique deeply and apply it professionally. Since fire alarms are mandatory in multi storied buildings, there are job opportunities both in India and overseas for a technician who knows the technique thoroughly. A course in fire alarm training in Kerala will only provide you with greater opportunities, in a country that you wish to work in.


    Fibre Optics Training Course


    Fibre Optics is a revolutionary technology in the field of high speed data transmission. With the use of optical fibre, one could transmit data without any data loss. Hence, this technology has been adapted by various companies and contractors for data transmission. There are fibre optics training courses in Kerala that mould you into a technician who could handle optical fibre really well, thereby reducing the installation cost to the clients. A skilled employee is always preferred as he/she would know the minute details of the technology and helps the employer save time and money. There are many internet service providers like Jio, Airtel, VI, Asianet, Railtel, K Fone, Tata Communications which have vacancies of professionally trained fiber optic technicians. There are many job opportunities in foreign countries also  for students who have passed from the best  fibre optic training institute in Kerala.  Since there are many industries that incorporate this technology including internet and cable networks, the demand for a skilled technician is increasing day by day. .


    Fire and Safety Training Course


    Fire and safety management is of utmost importance in multi-storied buildings especially high-rise residential buildings, malls and theatres. Fire breakout can cause heavy damages to the building and can even cause death to the occupants. So, it is important to have all the safety measures installed well and have a fire and safety technician to look after the building. Fire and safety courses in Kerala provide you with much knowledge in the field, right from installation techniques to mock drills that would help you protect a building from fire accidents. Since high-rise buildings are a crucial part of every country, having a well-informed technician is a must and this gives you a great opportunity in securing a job in the field which pays you well, and gives you job satisfaction too.


    Lift Technician Training Course


    Passenger lifts, goods lifts, car lifts , chair lifts, construction lifts and escalators and similar equipment have been widely used across the world for convenience. But these equipment should be carefully installed and operated as they could cause accidents. A skilled lift technician knows the detailed theory and practical side of the operation, maintenance and repair of these equipment. Lifts and elevators have become a huge part of our infrastructure and there are no public infrastructures that do not incorporate such equipment. This increases the need of a skilled technician who could repair and maintain the equipment without creating trouble for the users. Hence, the job opportunities are immense in the field, and lift technician courses in Kerala provide best practical knowledge to the students.


    Mobile Phone Service training course


    Mobile phones with their convenience and ‘smartness’ have become an integral part of our lives. In an urban city, there would not even be a single member in a family who doesn’t own a mobile phone. These mobile phones are however quite fragile and cost you a lot when it is damaged. Even with proper protection and accessories, you may not be able to save them from a fall, a battery or internal damage. With the increase in operating systems and companies that manufacture mobile phones, the requirement for mobile phone technicians has also increased.Mobile phone servicing courses in Kerala deal with all the minute details of mobile phone servicing right from the basic electronics. This course would span for around 6 months with theoretical and practical classes. One gets to learn how to repair mobile phones of different operating systems including Android and iOS. The job opportunities are also high, especially in foreign countries and you could earn quite well once you study this course.


    These are not the only courses for +2 failed students. There are more courses including solar power technician, HVAC and building management system among many others that could provide you with a great career. These courses span for less than a year and give you a good understanding of the respective fields. So, don’t worry if you have failed. You have a great future awaiting you. 


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