• Which is the best training course for electrical and electronics engineers?

    There are approximately 1.5 million engineers passing out every year in India. But do we have as many jobs to recruit them? There is a lack of exposure to the right kind of hands-on training in areas and subjects which are booming. This leads to about 20 to 30 percent of the fresh graduates not being employed after they come out of their colleges. This calls for the Indian youth to give a thought to the branch of engineering or technical skill that they must invest their precious years so that they can get the kind of job they dreamt of.


    How Can Fresh Electronics Engineers Get a Job?


    Passing out as an electronics engineer is just half the feat accomplished. One must acquire skills in subjects that are in high demand and recruiters are looking for people with those specialized training. Solar power training is one area that has seen the highest demand in the last decade due to the concept of clean energy creating waves around the world. 


    What exactly is solar panel training?

    solar power training course


    Becoming environmentally friendly is not only the trend of the day, but it has become a necessary parameter. People nowadays have been searching for various environment-friendly options in every walks of life for more than two decades now. While the western world is completely dependent on recycling and making healthy options for living, India has also chosen the venture. One such option is the use of solar power. In solar power training, you would learn all the aspects of installing a solar panel and study PV cells (solar photovoltaic cells), modules and system components, PV system design, electrical circuits, sizing PV systems for use in homes, how solar energy converts to electrical energy, and work with solar conversion equipment.


    What is the scope of solar power system jobs?


    Solar power energy demands have increased in the past few years and exceeded the demand for electrical energy. The most important fact about solar energy is that it is a clean and green source of energy. It is one of the best ways to decrease the carbon footprint. There is nothing about solar power that will pollute our mother nature.Solar power does not release any greenhouse gases. It uses no resources other than sunlight.  Overall we can say solar power is perfectly safe as well as environmentally friendly.


    Developed countries are promoting green energy sources, so solar power systems and related jobs have great scope and it is increasing day by day. The world’s largest solar power plant – Bhadla Solar Park in Bhadla village of Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district is located in India. Not only that, but the second-largest solar power plant is also in India -Shakti Sthal Solar Power plant in Karnataka. This means that fresh engineers with expertise in solar power installation acquired from top-notch solar power training institutes have a lot to look forward to in terms of career prospects. 


    Solar power is self-adequate, and the installation of solar panels on your roof is one of the safest and reliable paths for contributing to a maintainable future. In some states of India, water canals are covered with solar panels to reduce the evaporation of water and to produce electricity. Our national economy will also get help from solar power. If more and more people choose solar power, companies will have more requirements to install solar panels. This will generate a huge number of vacancies for skilled people, and as a result, the economy will start growing.


    For instance, in the year 2015, the UK became the second-largest solar employer with 35000 people and the continent’s largest solar photovoltaic panel installation market. We can gauge from these statistics that all over the world solar power is more preferred than thermal power and Nuclear power plants. Solar power is the power of the future and obtaining solar power training is one of the best ways for fresh engineers to get a job in India as well as abroad.


    Is solar panel training useful in Kerala as well?


    Ans – Kerala state electricity board is promoting solar power plants over every house and that power can be fed to the grid of KSEB. In Kerala, Solar power panels are fixed on the Banasurasagar Dam reservoir, on floaters. A solar rooftop program in Kerala has been introduced, where India aims to install solar panels on 75000 houses. It is estimated that by 2022, this solar rooftop program will assist Kerala in covering a quarter of its electricity requirement. Not only will it do that, but it will also decrease CO2 emissions. Moreover, Government subsidies are also given to ensure that low-income families in Kerala can easily afford the installation of solar panels.


    Is a solar power training course good for engineers?


    Fresh engineers often have theoretical knowledge but they lack practical skills that any particular company needs. Moreover, when they acquire the latest skills that are trending in the market, their chances of getting a lucrative job offer go up. Solar power training is one such emerging course and this is the reason behind so many solar power training institutes. For proper installation of solar panels to get maximum yield, companies executing solar power projects give training for fresh engineers. Electronics and electrical engineers who have just finished their education can also opt for this skill acquisition training to enhance their job opportunities. 


    What are the advantages of attending  solar power training?


    Some of the biggest advantages of getting solar power training from a good solar power training institute are given below.


    • High demand in the solar industry: As we know, our world is in constant search of alternative sources of energy, the demand for persons skilled in solar power has also increased. Job opportunities in this sector are increasing and are expected to increase more. Because of this, more and more institutes in India see an increase in demand for solar power training.
    • Innovative technology: It is one of the interesting fields which is also new in the market. While experts consistently suggest techniques to make renewable and recyclable energy, some of the big MNCs are executing these technologies for their infrastructure. Students in this field thus can learn a new technology that was not there a few years before.
    • Potential growth in the future: The utilization of solar energy will stay here for a long time. So, there will be a lot of opportunities for skilled engineers. Join any of the concerns that function in this sector, and when you are well-equipped with that technology, you can also run your own solar installation business.
    • Global opportunities: The use of potential renewable solar energy is one of the international phenomena at present. When you are training yourself well in this field, you have a countless chance of getting employed in India and abroad. Thus, the global job market is awaiting you because of the incredible benefits.
    • Good pay package: All companies, whether it is small organisations dealing with rooftop solar power projects for home or large companies like A.B.B, Siemens who undertake large solar power projects with output of megawatts.   whoever is working in utilizing solar energy, requires a large amount of skilled manpower. There is a huge scarcity of expert resources at the moment to execute this technology. Thus, people are lapping up people who have good knowledge in this field. Moreover, because of less availability, employers are hiring for a good salary.

    The high demand for solar energy coupled with the lack of trained individuals in this area has led to more and more fresh graduates opting for solar power training in Kerala. Technical training programs like solar panel training can assist the fresh ECE engineers in learning the skills that they require and prepare for certification exams in a short period of time. This allows them to move to the workplace rapidly and with minimum expense. The courses are career-specific without the need for a general education course. It also emphasizes hands-on training to gain skills that you require through first-hand experience even before moving to the job market.


    IASE offers solar power training courses in Trivandrum at an affordable price besides all other technical and automation courses.The world is changing rapidly, and there is a big requirement for such vocational trained persons.


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