• How can fresh engineers get a job?

    India is facing a massive skill gap problem with hundreds of engineers graduating every year but 80%of them are unemployed. Getting a job based on your skills has become very hard. Some skills that colleges and universities teach are out of market demand. Job markets today around the world are completely dry. Here comes the time where more human capital is to be monitored and maintained by technology and Automation. So one needs to be updated with skills demanded and highly valued by the industry.


    Align yourself in the field that ensures an occupation easy to find employment. Aligning your passion with the new trends in technology provides a high position and better opportunities. With exponential growth in technology like extension in artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), biometrics, blockchain, robotics, natural language processing, quantum computing, there is still much more to come in the forthcoming years.


    In this scenario, one can catch sight of the importance of learning automation. To thrive with the current problem of unemployment, one can ensure success by learning Automation. There is a vast opportunity for professionals in Automation that is why automation training courses are of great significance.


    Automation engineers are a hot asset right now. The rapid progress in the development of technology and production capacity allows more and more processes to be automated, which is significantly more efficient. That is why we will be taking an in-depth look at why fresh engineers should readily learn Automation. They endeavour to create software and hardware solutions that allow processes to function without a need for human interference.


    Join one of the Best Automation Training Institute In Kerala


    If you are a fresh engineer striving for jobs and skills that would take you to success, the best way is to join IASE, one of the best automation training centres in Kerala.


    It is the most suitable platform for fresher engineers to varnish their skills in the field of Automation. The key objective of the institute is to provide employment to youth for India- the major challenge of the nation. It has become a myth that if one has completed a bachelor’s degree, one has a job. But the fact is the majority of them are unemployed regardless of having higher educational qualifications.


    The solution that IASE provides is:

    • The master certification helps to start a career with finer avenues.
    • They also provide a trade test that is conducted by the STEAD council.
    • Students receive an attestable embassy certificate to grab a magnificent job according to their interests.


    If you are looking for a career in Automation, these are some opportunities to learn and train yourself with IASE.


    • It provides building management systems and virtual integration courses, which are in high demand.
    • CCTV courses are abbreviated for closed-circuit television. It is a video surveillance system that helps us to monitor the area.
    • Fire alarm courses are also prominent. It is the electronic fire detection system that directs people’s attention towards smoke or fire in the building.
    • The fibre optic courses provided here are highly valued. With the advantage of flexible and easy transportation of data, these transmit data without any loss.


    Automation Training Center in Kerala will bring the best in you by training you with the latest skills and certifications valued in the market.



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