• AC Mechanic Training Course

    An AC mechanic is basically a technician who has the knowledge and skill needed to install, maintain, and repair air conditioning systems that are used for the purpose of temperature and air quality control in buildings. AC mechanics may work as specialists in installation, maintenance, or repair, depending on the company they choose to work with. Air conditioning systems are being widely used in all types of buildings, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, hotels and restaurants, and malls to name a few. Anyone who has completed a technician course from an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) or a Vocational Higher Secondary School can aspire to work as an AC mechanic as plenty of job opportunities are available in India and abroad.


    Engineering diploma and B. Tech degree holders can also get employed in companies around the world operating in the air conditioning industry and earn higher salaries. In order to make this happen, aspiring ITI, VHSC, Polytechnic, and B. Tech. students must complete a short-term AC mechanic training course in the best AC mechanic training institute in Kerala. This is because the international certification that they are provided with after they undergo the job-oriented course is valid all over the world. Another reason as to why the certificate makes them eligible for bagging high-paying AC mechanic jobs is that they get hands-on training in different air conditioning systems used in countries around the world.


    IASE – The Best AC Mechanic Training Institute In Kerala


    The professed mission of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Engineering (IASE) is to provide top-notch, job-oriented training to students who aspire for better placement options. It is for the purpose of equipping students that enroll for the AC mechanic training course with the necessary skills that IASE has set up state-of-the-art training facilities. Moreover, IASE also offers 100 percent placement assistance to all its students. Further, the certificate provided by IASE enables students to get good jobs both in India and abroad. If you are planning to build your career in the air conditioning industry, you can give a missed call to 7025570055 to know more about the AC mechanic training course.


    Why Should You Enroll For AC Mechanic Training Course ?


    In 2017, the air conditioning industry stood at more than $4.3 billion. The market is projected to surpass $11 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 17 percent. The market growth is driven by the rise in infrastructure development and increased demand for residential as well as commercial spaces. The size of the global AC systems market stood at $102.02 billion in 2018. During the period 2019 to 2025, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9 percent. This is because the need to maintain indoor air quality is driven by thermal environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and air pressure. This clearly shows that there will be no dearth of AC mechanic jobs in Kerala or elsewhere in India and other parts of the world.


    Job opportunities will be available to students who complete the AC mechanic training course in IASE in the following areas:


    Installation and commissioning – When the sale of air conditioning systems grows, trained AC mechanics will be in great demand for the installation of new systems in new buildings as well as replacement of old systems with energy-efficient systems in existing buildings.

    Troubleshooting and maintenance – As the number of installations increase there will be a demand for skilled AC mechanics that are capable of providing troubleshooting and maintenance services.


    Salient Features of IASE’s AC Mechanic Training Course


    • Classroom and hands-on training
    • International curriculum-based study material
    • Interaction with faculty to clarify your doubts and personalized counseling
    • Key topics covered include


    • Basic electronics, working and troubleshooting of active and passive components
    • Basic electrical engineering concepts, motors
    • Electrical control panel, pressure gauges, valves, circuit breakers, isolators, fuse and switches, electrical and electronic meters
    • Introduction to air conditioning and refrigeration systems, piping concepts, identification of tubes, etc.
    • Condensers, compressors, evaporators – types and working concepts
    • Types of thermal insulation
    • Electrical, electronic, and pneumatic controls


    While the eligibility criterion to join IASE’s AC mechanism training course is ITI, Diploma, or B. Tech., the benefits include international certification and notifications from companies when vacancies arise. IASE has been quite successful in establishing healthy relationships with companies in India and overseas that are operating in the air conditioning industry vertical.


    Ultimately, if you want to have a successful career in the air conditioning industry it is important that you study the AC mechanic certification course in a reputed institute that offers value for your money. This is exactly what IASE provides to its students. Hundreds of students have studied at IASE and are well employed in India and other countries in the world.

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