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Unemployment and poverty are among the biggest social problems in India. Both are related and since India being the second largest country in terms of population, unemployment is hardest in our country. Our country has the highest number of people who are disappointed by the lack of opportunities even after successfully completing their professional degrees. However, the complaints of traders and industrialists are such that they are not getting the right people for the job, or in other words, an acute insufficiency of quality workers is a bizarre fact in our state. Due to the severe shortage of skilled laborers, Kerala’s industries are being pumped into other states. These contradictions are pointing towards the drawbacks of job training courses in Kerala, that is the short term job training courses in Kerala are not providing students an entry into suitable areas which provide large employment opportunities in our country. It is a humble attempt by IASE to overcome these shortcomings and to empower the youth of our country. Within the short span of time IASE has made the name of best job training institute in Kerala through the excellent courses, lab facilities, placement assistance etc. Increased terrorism and crimes against children are among the major threats to our country, there is a great deal by which electronic security equipment can help fight against these crimes and ensure the security of our country and it’s people. If the unemployed youth in our country are provided professional job training courses in electronic security, they can easily attain a job and secure their future. Through the latest job training courses in Kerala, we were able to show direction and path to numerous unemployed youth in our country and thus become the best job training institute in Kerala. The short term courses for engineers in electronic security area can fix the unemployment to a greater extent along with empowering the country to face threats against national security. There is a lot of work potential in electronic security training with short term job training courses for engineers in Kerala. The September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States have started to create a huge demand for electronic security equipments, global terrorist threats and refugees to European countries also forced the world nations to invest heavily in electronic security equipments. With this, the job opportunities of BMS Engineers increased heavily. Through the modern and excellent short-term job training courses for B.Tech holders worldwide job opportunities can be obtained through the best job training courses conducted by IASE Trivandrum, Kerala. By providing professional job training in Kerala to the educated and unemployed youth, we are sure that our efforts to strengthen our country will succeed.

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